Spelunky 2

released on Sep 15, 2020

Spelunky 2 builds upon the unique, randomized challenges that made the original a roguelike classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy players old and new. Meet the next generation of explorers as they find themselves on the Moon, searching for treasure and missing family.

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This review contains spoilers

spelunky 2 is good all-round.
i was never really one for ambient soundtracks, so i'm kind of disappointed that the bangin' style of the first game's ost didn't make a return. that's the note i'll start off with here.
the gameplay, like spelunky 1, is all there, if not more. the same emergent gameplay, traps, unforgiving difficulty, it's all back and spiffed up! love all that. the game also introduces branching paths as well, but, i'll be honest: why would you take jungle over volcana? or temple over tidepool? they all lead to the same path in the end, so taking the more difficult path is never really an option, unless you're looking for something specific from those areas. the choice seems obvious, so it really baffles me why it's a choice at all. i dunno, maybe i just don't get it?
other than that, the game is great. really fun to play with friends, so give it a shot!

Muy buena música. Muy buena dirección artística. Diseño de niveles generado proceduralmente que hace cada run diferente e interesante. Mecánicas de juego increibles, siendo estas muy simples pero con una capacidad de expansión enorme, y ofreciéndo al jugador un gran margen de aprendizaje y masterización. Aún y todos estos puntos positivos he acabado abandonando el juego antes de terminar la historia principal por su alta dificultad.
En definitiva me ha parecido un muy buen juego y he pasado unas cuantas horas divertidas con él pero ha acabado volviéndose más frustrante que divertido, se lo dejo a quién tenga ganas de perder años de vida :)

Ok, I'll admit it. It's incredibly fun

Love, love this game. The platforming and controls feel so good and the core gameplay loop is so satisfying. Whenever I die it's hard for me not to just restart and go for another run. The level generation can feel a bit samey at times, but gosh it doesn't diminish any enjoyment I get out of this game.
Hoping to get my first ironman completition eventually!

I prefer the original, it feels like it has more passion but this one does too!

Expands upon excellent design of the first game, peak.