Spyro: Year of the Dragon

released on Oct 24, 2000

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the Spyro series and the last Spyro game Insomniac developed. In this 3D adventure, Spyro have to retrieve 150 eggs that the evil Sorceress has stolen from Dragonworld. To survive, he will have to utilize all of his signature moves along with several he's recently picked up, like the ability to control vehicles like tanks, submarines, and speedboats. As an extra bonus, you have the option to choose from a wacky cast of characters: Sheila the kangaroo, Sergeant Byrd the flying penguin, Bentley the Yeti and Agent 9 the space monkey.

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I remember Spyro 2 disappointing me for being such a step down from the first, but playing this made me appreciate 2 a bit more. You can really tell they were running out of ideas for a Spyro game, what else would compel them to program 5 alternate characters that are all boring as shit to play. The music is also like surprisingly annoying, Stewart Copeland also susceptible to the burnout. Not sure what else to expect when they had less than a year to crank this out, though.

Similarly to Crash 3, Spyro 3 is a step back for me. Still a significant improvement over the first game, but Year of the Dragon adds a few too many gimmicks for my liking that ultimately distract from the things that made Spyro 2 so special. Don't get me wrong, Year of the Dragon is still a very very good game, it's just not as good as it's predecessor.

They took the heart and polish of the second one and combined it with the higher fantasy elements of the first and took more risks and made it bigger and better and it's the best entry in the series.

the parts where you dont play as spyro kinda suck but overall it's great. it's a fuckin spyro game. low key, i didnt get any of the story because i was listening to acollierastro videos in the background the entire time.

Is this actually a 5 star game? Not really, it's more like a 4 star game. However, it is the first game I ever played, and the one that started my obsession with video games, so fuck it we ball.

Yea yea nostalgia blah blah
This game fucking rules man. Great levels, fantastic soundtrack and a overall fun time
The animal friends are fun too and don't feel like they stray too much from the platforming.