released on Apr 08, 2022

Stacklands is a village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures.

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Really fun unique game. Starts simple and easy since you can pause any time, but quickly gets complex. The game kept me fully occupied for a couple of days! Short and sweet, and very reasonably priced.
Requires a couple of mods to make it enjoyable at a larger scale though: one that makes cards snap to a grid and one that lets you search for uses of a given card.

This game was really fun! Sometimes a little too fun because it doesn't really give you a chance to take a break lol
Cardgame + basebuilding is creative and it totally worked
Like the art and music too!
Wish it had more content, and maybe a little bit of gameplay rhythm control because my own self-control did not work.

Narrative: 2.5 - Gameplay: 3.5 - Visuals: 3 - Soundtrack: 3 - Time: 3.5
Stars: 3

A game that combines two different game genres in a good way.
The game is a card-based colony simulation. You manipulate humans to upgrade your town(?). I can say that I enjoyed both the idea and the gameplay, but there is a problem. Nothing new is coming to the game after some ingame day. You're basically doing the same things over and over again and it gets incredibly boring after a point.
I'm not going to give you a bad or good recommendation to play, it might be better to make your own decision here.

Cool lil card life sim demon killing sim poop selling monke slave sim. Can get a lil repetitive tho