released on Apr 08, 2022

Stacklands is a village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures.

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One of the rare few skinner-boxy games that didn't leave me feeling completely cynical and jaded by the end. Lots of charm, though a few QoL improvements would be very much appreciated. Too many glitchy bouncing cards feels off to me. Wish you keep expanding the map screen by increasing the card limit. But most importantly, I wish you could automate systems so you wouldn't have keep pausing every second to move cards at the endgame.
I feel like this game was going for something like Don't Starve, where you have to prepare for a wave enemies, but the game was too easy it never had any bite. The casual set-up sort of clashes with the permadeath element of the game.

Conceito bom mas se torna repetitivo em pouco tempo

El concepto está muy chulo y es entretenidillo pero me da pereza sacarme el 100% asi que así se queda. Igual en algún momento le vuelvo a dar.

Nette Idee, schön umgesetzt.
Ein paar quality of life-Ideen hätten das Spiel sicher spaßiger gemacht. Hütten produzieren mehr maximale Karten auf dem Feld. Diese müssen jedoch ebenfalls im Feld rumliegen anstatt auf einem Stapel außerhalb platziert zu werden.
Wenn Tiere gegen den Stapel Hütten kommen, rutschen diese übers ganze Feld.
Münzen fliegen überall rum.
Das hätte alles etwas schöner umgesetzt werden können.
Dennoch eine Empfehlung.

Perfect marriage of a cool idea + a great execution. Stacklands is a simple, yet adicting game with a very satisfying game loop. Your main goal is to survive as long as you can by (yes, you guessed it) stacking cards. Combining cards will unlock not only new decks with more powerful cards but also will provide multiple upgrades, recipes and resources that will make your village grow bigger and better every day.
Stacklands is still in "early access" which means the game is still in development and they're constantly working on improvements and new content but I think i'ts already worth buying for it's cheap and affordable price.

Interesting gameplay and addicting game loop. The management is tedious sometimes and to random in my opionon.