Star Citizen

released on Aug 30, 2013

Star Citizen is an open-world MMO universe simulator by Cloud Imperium Games where you can explore new worlds, engage in combat, and build a unique career among the stars. Playable now on PC.

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This is the first game I am reviewing without giving it a rating due to it being in an Alpha state that gets updated very frequently with very different outcomes to what it does to the game. This game has so much potential, probably the potential to become the best MMO to ever exist.
But they are also kinda fumbling around with all the kickstarter money (they got a few hundred millions of kickstarter money to spend, let's see if they mess it up) and progress is still not as big as we want it to be.
Watching the Citizen Con does get you excited about how much the devs want to accomplish. It sounds like a dream come true when they are talking about it. All those intricate systems that will work together to give us the most immersive MMO Space Simulator are still being developed and we-don't-know-how-many-years in the future.
We can only hope that Cloud Imperium won't destroy their own future. I play this game every now and then and I love how immersive this game is (if there aren't any bugs or huge performance problems).
Please get it right.

Maybe bugged bt I have way too many hours

A scam so good it's got Stockholm by the balls.

Once you get good at avoiding the bugs, it's a really fun game.

Wow. Star Citizen has an absurd amount of potential. I'm skeptical on whether or not it will ever reach the state we want it to, but there's a lot to love here. Going from the most immersive space-flight simulation in gaming to raiding a base full of terribly programmed soldiers that wouldn't even move and managed to kill me without firing once sums up my few hours of gametime.
Hope this is fully playable someday soon -- and I also hope it reaches a point where it won't melt my computer?