Star Fox 2

released on Sep 29, 2017

After the success of Star Fox, Nintendo decided to make a sequel on the same system. However, with the release of the Nintendo 64 looming close, Nintendo decided to cancel the game despite it being nearly complete. Many features of this game were later reused in Star Fox 64, most notably Star Wolf, and the game itself was later leaked as source code and compiled into a working ROM.
The game was later released for the SNES Classic console as an unlockable game, marking its first official release. Since then, the game was also released for the Nintendo Switch Online service.

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One of the rare cases where playing the Leaked Beta is significantly more fun than playing the actual finished game.
Unlike the finished game which locks the charged shot behind pretty much 100% completion, the Beta lets you use it by default. The charged shot in Star Fox 2 (at least the Beta, I ain't 100%ing this lol) was busted. Totally busted. It deals absurd damage, like half of Leon's health bar or some shit, and actually has surprisingly good lock-on properties. It's very easy to just lock onto a target, release the A button, and let the charged shot do all the work in all-range combat, even with polygon graphics and a janky framerate. Miyu and Fae were also insane, they started with double lasers and while they had the lowest health, that really didn't matter. 12 hits is still plenty of room for error (in the Beta, I'm pretty sure all enemies deal 1 damage at most) and there's multi-use bomb items that can heal you back to full. By no means is any of this well-balanced and would probably need to be ironed out for a final release.
But when the gameplay is only somewhat less janky than the original Star Fox, I will gladly take every advantage I can get. Yeah the charged shot is overpowered as hell...but you know what? It's pretty fun to use! But in the final game, you're instead relying on your lasers, and not only are they a lot weaker (especially without a double power-up) but they're harder to aim too. Just like that, the game becomes way more balanced but way less fun and playable 25 years later.
Hell, playing the Beta on ZSNES is a great idea, because inaccurate Super FX emulation actually means that the framerate is somewhat smooth.

Star Fox 2 fue desarrollado por Nintendo y Argonaut Games y probablemente sería lanzado para la SNES allá sobre el año 1995... si no hubiese sido cancelado por no estar a la altura de lo que ofrecía la competencia respecto a gráficos en 3D por aquel entonces.
Por suerte Nintendo lo rescato y publicó para la Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES en 2017. Mas tarde llego al Nintendo Switch Online: SNES en Switch.
Star Fox 2 se diferencia bastante de la entrega anterior, en vez de tener 3 rutas fijas el juego nos presenta un tablero con unidades enemigas atacando Corneria. Podemos movernos libremente por el tablero, pero las unidades enemigas también lo harán a la vez que nosotros. Cuando toquemos una unidad enemiga, empezará un nivel.
Los niveles son mucho más variados que en el primer juego y en ellos podremos volar libremente en el espacio (en todas las direcciones), explorar la superficie de planetas en busca de bases enemigas y luchar contra el escuadrón Star Wolf.
Está acción en tiempo real del tablero crea una atmosfera mucho más interesante y le da un toque de estrategia que no estaba presente en el juego anterior. Además, en los niveles con tierra tenemos la posibilidad de cambiar en cualquier momento entre el modo vuelo y el modo bípedo, lo cual es muy divertido la verdad.
Star Fox 2 corre gracias al chip Super FX 2 que viene a ser como el chip original, pero al doble de velocidad (21MHz). A pesar de eso el juego ahora se atreve con algunos modelos en 3D con texturas o sprites en vez de solo colores sólidos y los fotogramas acaban cayendo igual que en el juego anterior, especialmente en los niveles sobre el suelo o en interiores.
Star Fox 2 supone una ligera mejora gráfica (desde luego lejos de la Saturn o la PSOne) pero una gran mejora en gameplay respecto al juego anterior. Es un juego para sentarse una hora con él y terminarlo de una tacada y me alegro mucho que no haya quedado en el olvido.

I appreciate this for a piece of gaming history and not much else really, Pretty cool this got included with the SNES Classic.

Played this game mostly out of curiosity given it’s a significant piece of history in itself.
That said, the experimental nature of this game is very evident to me. The 3D graphics at the time were mind-blowing, but boy does it control awkwardly. Also not the biggest fan of the timers everywhere from the get go, as it puts too much pressure when trying to learn the game.
What I enjoyed the most was actually seeing how much of this game went on to become Star Fox 64 and Zero later. The Star Wolf sequences, Venom, the All-Range stages, multiple routes and the ship transformation all would eventually come back in much more polished forms. In that sense, I’m really happy this game exists and that Nintendo made it available!

very non nintendo-like thing to actually release this

I don't understand how these two games are actually fun. They should be terrible given how dated they are, but they somehow aren't