Star Fox 64

released on Apr 27, 1997

The update to the 16-bit Super NES title continues the original's on-rails 3D shooting action on the Nintendo 64. Starring Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad, this new 64-bit version contains 15 plus levels, easy, medium, and difficult paths, forward-scrolling levels as well as full 3D realms, and a three-part multiplayer mode using a four-player split screen. In addition to plenty of Arwing action, the game introduces a new hover tank and even features a submarine level. The 8-megabyte cartridge also boasts voice samples from 23 different characters instead of the original's animal noises. Star Fox 64 was the first game to feature Rumble Pak support. A Rumble Pak bundle and standalone version of the game were sold. Released in Europe under the name Lylat Wars.

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i keep trying to log LyLatWars but this webzone wont let me, is it bugged?? someone, please, PM me a fix

Creo recordar que fue mi segundo juego de la 64, me lo pasé más adelante.

The main menu theme is so relaxing/thought-provoking after a long day of work. It stays with you for awhile.

Now this I recognise! I certainly played this before my 300 follower celebration and it was real fun to get back to playing this for the whole month!
Thanks to the help from the viewers I took the time to complete the game over and over to get the final and true endings where you ACTUALLY defeat the villain and scatter him to the very corners of the universe!
I found the tank quite fun in this and with Star Fox 2 being shelves, those who were around at the time were going to have to wait many years until a new Star Fox game and this happens again later. It seems like they have no confidence in their intellectual property unlike Zelda and Mario I guess.
It'll be several years before we come across another Star Fox game and it's certainly not what we were expecting or wanting...

Play the 3DS version, this one feels too old nowadays