Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

released on Nov 17, 1998

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

released on Nov 17, 1998

It is a time of great rejoicing in the galaxy. Luke Skywalker, with the help of Wedge Antilles, has blown up the Death Star. But there is little time to celebrate. The mighty Empire is gathering strength for a determined, all-out assault on the Rebel forces.

To save the Rebel Alliance from this Imperial onslaught, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have assembled the Rogue Squadron, a group of twelve of the most skilled battle-tested starfighter pilots. You will fly into battle as Luke Skywalker, to engage in intense, fast-paced planetary air-to-ground and air-to-air missions ‒ dogfights, search and destroy, reconnaissance, bombing runs, rescue assignments, and more.

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Best Star Wars game on the N64. Very fun and challenging game but not the best in the series.

A pretty good star wars space ship game

Imagine SF64 but the entire game is in All Range mode and you get this. It's really impressive, in all honesty, just how much the game can render on the N64 at once with next to no pop-in, and so many ships you can get.

Literalmente creo que es el primer juego que jugué en mi vida en el ordenador.
El juego como tal esta fácil, pero conseguirse las medallas doradas en todas las misiones era un putisimo desafío de pelotas


I bought this game at a Media Play in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester, NY, in 1998. I was three years old - it had an X-Wing on the cover and I knew I had to have it. Conveniently, my Dad also had a killer 3D Accelerator Card equipped PC, so it was a match made in heaven.

I have played Rogue Squadron 3D once yearly at minimum every year since that fateful day in 1998. It's levels, with their linear objectives and vast landscapes are burned into my brain; I know every hill and valley. Every hidden item. Every plot beat as each level unfolds, jam packed with dialogue and Star Wars Expanded Universe jargon. I have played the game on a dozen different desktops, laptops, and with at least 4 different joysticks, and yet I still find myself returning yearly.

To me, it is more than a game: it is a wave of memories. A tsunami of feelings and thoughts that stretch back through time. Yeah, its back half is spectacularly challenging in a way that its front half doesn't prepare you for, and yeah - that last mission with the World Devastators is pretty rough, but for me it transcends its faults and becomes something else entirely.

I got this game for $3 at Best Buy, and got at least $3.01 of enjoyment out of it. You can't beat that value, but you can play better flying and Star Wars games.