released on Oct 15, 2009
by PQube



Steins;Gate is a Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus. It is the second game in the Science Adventure series following Chaos;Head. The game is described by the development team as a "hypothetical science ADV" and explores time and time travel in 2010 Akihabara. The gameplay follows non-linear plot lines which offer branching scenarios with courses of interaction.

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This review contains spoilers

Despite its flaws it has become one of my favourite VNs. I must say the beginning is a bit slow for my taste and the characters introduction and initial conversations can feel a bit draining at first, but plot gets better pretty quickly and it never goes back to being boring. The time travel plot is really well built and characters are unique, memorable and well written.
The true ending feels a bit... forced? since the whole story until that point is so dramatic and fills you with so much despair and tension. Both Suzuha and Mayuri's endings made me cry so much and I lowkey wish one of those would have been the true ending but still I enjoyed reading this VN a lot.

I much prefer this over the "Elite" version. I wish never tried that one.


Played Steins gate and holy shit was is amazing. It's first half was interesting with its characters and premise but when it starts the second half with the actual time travel it goes to new levels of kino. The way it was able to display and mental state of okabe going through the entire ordeal was fantastic it was even presented in a way where I started feeling the same way he did having to do the same thing over and over again. All of the mystery elements were also fantastic. Its able to capture such a melancholic tone while having the lighter elements balance it out in such a good way making a deeply engaging experience. The alternate endings are also really cool my favorite one is prob faris is hits the perfect spot of bittersweet for me. The voice actors also pop off in this especially Okabe's. I have always been bad at really making concise thoughts on stuff but in short Steins Gate is fucking next level time travel? story that kept me sucked in from start to finish couldn't recommend it enough.

Worth reading if you enjoy the anime.

Reaching Steins;Gate is a whole emotion of its own. Peak vn.