Street Fighter Alpha 3

released on Jun 29, 1998

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the third game in the Street Fighter Alpha series. It features a complete gameplay overhaul with the addition of three selectable fighting styles, new stages, over seven new and returning characters and an exclusive soundtrack. The game's illustrations, select screens, soundtrack and sound effects all have a similar style to the Final Fight series, unlike the previous games.

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por culpa desse jogo tem o Rolento no Ultra SFIV. Piadas à parte, eu não tenho muito a comentar sobre esse jogo. Os gráficos me chamaram mais a atenção do que o resto do jogo em si.

The only thing holding this back is it isn't MAX on the PSP. (INSANE roster.)

Now we're reaching the next level and while it doesn't bring back everyone it builds the roster back up to quite the respectable size.
I played as Karin, wasn't the greatest as her but I got through it, it did loop back to Bison (at least with this character, not sure of the rest) but the ending was pretty great so it's fine.

This is my favorite SF. Presentation is fresh and attractive, the "-ism" system is really fun to play around, and there are so many cool modes. The PSP MAX port is the best (non-competitive) version, but it's stuck on the PSP, so.