Stuart Little 2

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Stuart Little 2 is a 2002 platform video game, based on the film of the same name. This is the PlayStation 1 version; a game called "Stuart Lilttle 2" also came out on the Game Boy Advance and PC, but all three are different games. The PC and GBA games are primarily 2D side scrolling, but this game is a fully 3D platformer with 6 stages to explore and each has 6 jeweled rings to collect. The rings can be used to unlock further stages.

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a diferencia de spyro o super mario 64 que se han conservado bien a la larga, este da bastante asco, de pequeño me gustaba pero lo rejugue hace poco y es terrible en todo

Underrated BANGER for no reason, its fucking Stuart Little

Esse jogo era o dark souls da dificuldade quando eu era criança KKKKK

I've played at concerts that took me longer than it did to 100% this game

Slept on platformer, honestly. Surprisingly fun and not at all bad. A hint of jank but nothing you can't work with.

childhood game. very primitive 3d platformer that's aged better than most of its time. still decently fun to explore