Stunt Race FX is a cartoon-style, 3D-racing game that ran on the Super FX chip (the same engine that ran under Star Fox).

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I don't remember much from this game but I remember it being very hard to control and even understand what was going on half the time.

Wait... You mean to tell me THIS has secretly been the best SNES racing game all along?? I was put off by F-Zero and Super Mario Kart as a kid since the N64 versions were so much better, but if I had owned Stunt Race FX, I would have played the heck outta this. Forget about the framerate issues, they don't stop this from having superior and more intuitive handling than its peers, none of which look as charming as this adorable truck with its animated eyes and Rayman-esque limbless movements. If you can get past the choppiness, there is a KILLER racing game in here!

Mi primer videojuego y un amor a primera vista como experiencia con el medio.
Creo que fue decente este juego, pero con gráficos 'confusos' que hacían el recorrido de la carrera algo mareante, por así decirlo. Al menos cuando lo jugué de crío, claro.
Igualmente, muy buena OST.

Anyone that believes that developers releasing games in unfinished states is a new phenomenon needs to play this game. The frame rate is abysmal.

pretty good racing game, feels very 80's with the polygonal designs. feels kinda slow compared to something like an f-zero but fun nonetheless.

This AI rubberbands like a mother fucker and the time limit is one of the worst ideas ever implemented in a game. Without rewind I couldn't have beat it. Time just wasn't nice to this game, but it's fun for a bit. Still not good though.