Super C

released on Feb 02, 1990
by Konami

A port of Super Contra

The alien Red Falcon is back, and planning on taking over the planet Earth.

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they didnt wanna see me wiin

Super C definitely earns the “super” in its name. Everything feels amped up from the first game, whether it’s the number of enemies assaulting you from all sides of the screen or the general presentation being more detailed. I liked this one a fair bit more than the first game overall, though I think it fumbles a bit near the end, especially with an underwhelming final boss.
STILL, I’m excited to continue this brief little detour into Contra. I’ve never really given these games a fair shake despite being a konami fan and I’m looking forward to the 16-bit entries.

Here we go! This is the game that brought me into the Contra series and has kind of been the measuring stick for me and how Contra and other run-n-gun games should be like. I've played this game with my dad, my older brother, my younger brother and friends over the years and had never beat it until now and come to find out the reason's easier to play when you're doing it solo because you can focus and have better control over the screen.
I honestly never played attention to the story and actually didn't here either, but the game excels very much in the awesome impactful music and very smooth gameplay. It was a lot of fun visiting this game again years later and it felt soooo great just beating the game and finishing it for the first time. I love this game.

After the success of the original Contra, of course, Konami had to cash in and follow it up, and unlike Castlevania, they weren't gonna try to ruin it with the next installment (sorry, I had to). Anyway, after less then a year, Konami then released Super Contra to the public. Or... Super C, because I guess letters are just cooler than words? In terms of the original two games, I would definitely consider this game better than the original, as it is still the fast-paced gun shooting action, with a little more to make it better. Not by much, but it is still the superior title for me.
The story, once again, is just "kill aliens", but this time, the aliens are a lot more detailed and graphic, which I definitely prefer, the graphics are still pretty good this time around, the music is the same good ol' Contra goodness that the original brought, the control is just as responsive as before, and the gameplay is still the great run 'n gun as before, except much more varied and much more challenging.
What makes this game better then the original for me are the top-down shooter levels that were introduced in this game. The running-forward levels from the original game were pretty good, yes, but I just prefer the constant moving and action of this game more, with the variety of environments used and the amount of enemies you face throughout.
If I had to give one complaint about this game, I would say that it sucks that the Konami Code this time only gives you 10 lives instead of 30 like in the original, but that is just a very minor complaint. Not to mention, if you did get 30 lives again, the game would probably be too easy, at least, in terms of Contra standards.
Overall, this is a pretty fantastic sequel to the original Contra, and a fantastic game overall. I just hope that this level of quality continues for a long time in the next games in the series.
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