Super Galdelic Hour

released on Mar 29, 2001
by Exrays



4 animals turned into busty women, who then go on to play mini-games.

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Enix dev: so should our next game be more of a wet dream or a fever dream
Enix exec: yes

The peak of games you don’t really want to explain to people. Somewhere between Sexy Beach, American Gladiator, Space Channel 5, and an overdose of that sweet sweet psychedelia goodness, its gameplay is a standard mini-game collection entirely saved by this flawless look, a mix of hypersexualization and sincere goofiness that veers on turning the whole experience from gross pandering to a cutesy bubblegum utopia. Completely overflowing with style, an idealized arcade experience unbound by the typical restrictions of Japanese exclusivity. Half star off for Kuma and that one weird camera shot for Neko. My life for Toko.

Basically DoA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball but with the bizarrely desexualized horniness filtered through Teletubbies costumes and 60's gameshow Laugh-In psychedelia!!! Featuring an incredible Pizzicatto Five-esque Shibuya Kei soundtrack from the GOD Tomoko Sasaki of Serani Poji!!! This is way better as an aesthetic experience than game (especially if you, like me, LOVE those Y2k-era "virtual beauties" cgi artbooks or technicolor Japanese oddities like Gimme Gimme Octopus) but it's so exuberant and curious that you just gotta love it. May have projected footage from this on the walls of a few house shows in my brief period as a dorky VJ