Super Mario 3D All-Stars 

released on Sep 18, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars 

released on Sep 18, 2020

Discover three of Mario’s grandest 3D adventures with Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch! This special bundle includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, all optimized for Nintendo Switch with updated HD graphics, Joy-Con controls, as well as a music player featuring the epic soundtracks from all three games!

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everything about this port is so vacuous it made me wonder if i even liked these games to begin with. fucking disney vault ass bullshit fuck off

you get 3 amazing games but the execution and content besides the games are lacking

god damn i love rosalina. luigis purple coins is my hell. i have only played galaxy so far and I don't know if I will continue because I didn't grow up with the other games and they're way harder

Weird how barebones this collection is, and honestly not the ideal way to play any of these games, but Mario Galaxy alone is worth the price of admission if you have never played. Weird that the only bonus feature is the option to listen to the soundtracks though. I feel like with a little extra content this could have been a great package for both oldheads and people who want to play classics they may have missed, but it feels like it was pumped out last minute and is therefore only really worth it if you missed these on original release.

There is not much to complain about when it comes to what can be regarded as three of the most popular and enjoyed games of all-time. If you are looking for hours of fun to take you away from the terrible world we live in today, then this collection is perfect. The price of €60 may seem hefty to many, but for me, Nintendo could have easily sold these three games separately and people would have still bought them, so I am glad that something that once seemed like a far-off rumour was able to exist physically in my hands.

Obviously, the collection would have been perfected if it had been remakes of the three games, rather than just upscaled ports, but sometimes in life not everything can be the ideal version of what you would want. I too would have adored remakes of these three games, but my want for remakes does not detract from my enjoyment of playing the originals.

In this collection you have the game that defined the 3d platforming genre, you got one of the best 3d marios eveer made, and sunshine.

And while those games are still great and a must play, the collection in the other hand doesn't hold up at all. I know this wasn't going to be a remake, just the same games, but there is barely to none quality of life improvment here, like if you get stuck on a level, good luck to have patience to go through a game over screen over and over again because the collection can't even save your life count.

it is not a Mario's worthy collection , is just 3 game bundled together for full price, honestly if i said this was a bubsy collection i would have been too rude to bubsy.