Super Mario 64

released on Jun 23, 1996

The first three dimensional entry in the Mario franchise, Super Mario 64 follows Mario as he puts his broadened 3D movement arsenal to use in order to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of his arch rival Bowser. Mario has to jump into worlds-within-paintings ornamenting the walls of Peach's castle, uncover secrets and hidden challenges and collect golden stars as reward for platforming trials.

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We all know the importance of this game and what it brought to video games as a whole.
But there's a reason why I played games like Banjo over Mario 64.

The perfect sudo conclusion to the series that just takes all of the best elements of mario and expands upon them. Hot take, I actually like the camera in this game

ahhh eu queria zerar mas ainda não zerei, pq eu vou zerar depois. SO LONG LE BOWSER


A masterpiece. Easily in the conversation of the best game of all time. This is coming from someone with no nostalgia tied to it and playing it 27 years after release. Blown away by how well it holds up especially in terms of level design and platforming. The camera was a minor nuisance not enough to detract from the value and the controls were not a problem. Aged like wine.