Super Mario Bros. 3

released on Oct 23, 1988

Super Mario Bros. 3, the third entry in the Super Mario Bros. series and Super Mario franchise, sees Mario or Luigi navigate a nonlinear world map containing platforming levels and optional minigames and challenges. The game features more diverse movement options and new items alongside more complex level designs and boss battles.

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An absolute classic I've played across NES, PC emulator, Dreamcast emulator, GBA ports, and most recently Nintendo Switch Online's virtual console. A perfect side scrolling platformer.

Probably the best -- or one of the best NES games. It redefined Super Mario and introduced a lot of mainstay improvements like an overworld map or improvements in level design.
It's one of the very few NES games I can say hasn't aged in the slightest. Still as fun as it was back then and dare I say it's better than Super Mario World (imo)

amazing game it has a big world

Those tanks levels can fuck off

Super Mario 3 is the first of what feels like more current Mario games. It’s quick and breezy with one of the best overworlds ever. Has some stinker levels, but what Mario game doesn’t?