Super Mario Bros. 3 

released on Oct 23, 1988
Super Mario Bros. 3

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Super Mario Bros. 3 

released on Oct 23, 1988

Super Mario Bros. 3, the third entry in the Super Mario Bros. series and Super Mario franchise, sees Mario or Luigi navigate a nonlinear world map containing platforming levels and optional minigames and challenges. The game features more diverse movement options and new items alongside more complex level designs and boss battles.

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This game seriously tests your mettle as as platformer, and it definitely makes for a fun time...right up until about halfway through World 8. It was at this point it stopped being fun and I just kinda got frustrated instead - gonna have to shelve this one for now and hopefully come back to it later when I've more time and patience!

Prefiro a versão de NES desse jogo, muito mais bonito

still fun, after all these years.

A big step up for the series, but it still feels so awkward to control for me. I was never a huge fan of how the older Mario games handle building up speed. Still, there's a lot of great level designs and concepts here.

The game to send to the aliens.

According to the dictionary: third definition of 'magic', fifth of 'inspiration'.

Medical prescription: play once a year.

To remind ourselves why we play videogames. In case we ever forget.