Super Mario Bros.

released on Sep 13, 1985

A side scrolling 2D platformer and first entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Bros. follows Italian plumber Mario as he treks across many levels of platforming challenges featuring hostile enemies to rescue Princess Peach from the evil king Bowser.

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um mario vanilla, nada demais mas muito bom pra epoca

The game that started the franchise although the game shows its age i think its still is a enjoyable experience

Am I a fake gamer for playing this for only finishing this now in 2023? Yeah.
In all seriousness though, it's alright, but really nothing special. I could see how this would be revolutionary in a day where there was nothing else like it, but compared to every other platformer that came after it, it's pretty average. The controls aren't as tight as I would normally expect from a Mario game (jumps are sluggish if you don't spend a solid second or two building momentum, and landing can be rather slippery) and the level designs are fun enough, though most were not particularly memorable.
7-4 and 8-4 are dumb for being puzzle levels in a game that at no other point insinuates that it plans on including puzzles.

Como esquecer do Mario que deu início a tudo?
Design badass, trilha sonora marcante e um plataforma mediano (envelheceu bem mal hoje), são essas as definições que achei pra conseguir resumir super Mario Bros.
Sério não tem muito a se falar desse jogo, seus controles hoje em dia são bugados, mas se você é fã da estética do NES e fã de Mario, esse título é um prato cheio.

Gameplay: 7
It's as basic as Mario gets, which makes sense considering that this was the first full on Mario platformer. Mario controls surprisingly well for the time, with the jumps feeling easy and fun to control. The only problem is that Mario feels really slippery to control, which made me die a bunch of times. The level variety is decent for the time, but they all start to blend together after a few worlds. In the final world, the difficulty spikes quite a bit, with the final level of the game being a maze-like level with a semi-strict time limit if you don't know where you're going. Besides this, the difficulty curve the game has is decent.
Story: 5
The story is extremely basic, with the only real story being that Princess Peach was captured by Bowser, and that Mario had to save her. Albeit, the story really isn't the main focus of the game, and is only really there to give you explanation to why Mario's doing all the things he does.
Graphics: 7
The graphics are nice and colorful, making the game pop. The sprites convey decently what they're trying to show, and everything is readable at a glance.
Sound: 8
The music in Super Mario Bros. is generally considered some of the most iconic music in video game history, with the main theme being arguably the most famous song from a video game. The track list for the game is small, with there only being 5-6 songs in total, but all the songs fit the mood that the levels are trying to convey well.
Overall: 7
Super Mario Bros. works as a decent foundation for the Mario series while having things that could be improved by future titles. Some things in the game are annoying, such as the slippery physics, but besides that, this is a perfectly fine game.

The hitboxes can be weird but everything else is smooth, special shoutout to piranha plants and 7-4 cuz their only purpose is to annoy me!!