Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

released on Mar 09, 1996

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

released on Mar 09, 1996

A JRPG entry in the Super Mario franchise in which Mario meets many unlikely allies in order to jump and fight his way through the Mushroom Kingdom and collect stars to repair the Star Road, the pathway that grants people's wishes, which was destroyed by Smithy, the otherworldly entity that hijacked Bowser's castle and threw the Kingdom into disarray.

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Major spot in my heart. I haven't managed to beat it despite my multiple attempts (not like a difficulty thing but like, life stuff gets in the way and then I get uninspired- you know how it is), but each time has been a joy. This game is a quirky time and a charming RPG, even if it's not the most mechanically in depth one. Nostalgia honestly serves the most of my score on this one.

the three musty fears go so hard

i have many memories of this game, none of them are of me beating it but they're all still happy.

Super Mario RPG is such a stellar video game. Much like Donkey Kong Country, the CG graphics have miraculously aged well and I'd argue even better than that series, thanks to the cartoony and vibrant expressions the characters make.
The developers had a tall order on their plate trying to make an RPG that appealed to everyone in an era where the genre wasn't as favored here in the West yet they masterfully did it. Combining platforming elements in the overworld with an active battle system that uses timing on the attacks is brilliant. The characters in this game are so unique and such cool additions to the Mario universe (I will forever be a fan of Geno) and the locales are all fun to explore. The game does taper off with some areas (The Ship and Star Hill) as it rushes to get to its conclusion but even those areas have amazing bosses, setpieces, and music.
If you enjoy Mario and/or RPGs, this is a must-play.

Squaresoft and Nintendo teamed up to create a visually enchanting, musically pleasing and overall fantastically crafted Mario-themed JRPG. What can be considered the founding pillar of two different RPG series (Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi) is still an absolute classic, full of humor and still lots of fun to play by modern standards.

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So much better than I expected. While the reaction commands might seem bare-bones compared to later Mario titles, it's still a blast.
The game just oozes '90s Square Soft charm! Mario's cutscenes, Bower's dialogue, and the music are all standouts.Smithy's villains are pretty mid, but the endgame areas and themes are unsettling in the coolest way. In a wholesome world of wishes, the desire to fill that world with weapons feels absolutely sacrilegious. It was so clever to emphasize that dichotomy... Such a great game!