Super Monkey Ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 2

released on Aug 25, 2002

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Super Monkey Ball 2

released on Aug 25, 2002

The object of Super Monkey Ball 2 is to guide a monkey trapped inside a plastic ball through a maze to the goal. There are three variations, story mode, challenge mode, and practice mode. In story mode you have unlimited number of tries to complete a stage, and after clearing 10 stages a movie clip is shown followed by a new world of 10 stages. In challenge mode, you have a limited number of monkeys and a time limit to complete numerous levels of increasing difficulty. In practice mode you can play any stage already completed in the other two modes.

In addition to the main game options, numerous party games are also included. These are monkey race, monkey fight, monkey target, monkey billiards, monkey bowling, monkey golf, monkey boat, monkey shot, monkey dogfight, monkey soccer, monkey baseball, and monkey tennis. The party games can be played by one to four players.

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Like the first game, but even better. More minigames, more monkeys, more mayhem.

yeah this was a blast. some of the later levels get very challenging but it never felt unfair. i didn't feel like checking out challenge mode but thats fine

Late game monkey ball is peak-level design. The soundtrack also goes extremely hard

the best game ever and i have physical evidence

Big nostalgia trip for me and an overall fun time. The level designs are notably way better than SMB1 for the sake of experimenting more with the game's physics rather than giving tedious challenges of precision tightrope maneuverability. Rewards creativity and skill for finding alternate goals and unorthodox ways to get to em. Party games are hit or miss.