Falling asleep at 3AM, you close your eyes to the cheesy commercial of Dr. Pierce's dream therapy program. You wake up in an unfamiliar environment, only to realize that you're stuck in a dream - a dream where perception is reality. Welcome to Superliminal. Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game inspired perspective and optical illusions. Players tackle impossible puzzles by thinking outside the box and learning to expect the unexpected. This game features a wonderfully subdued world, an intriguingly voiced narrative, and things that are really weird.

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Facilmente um dos melhores jogos feitos recentemente. Os desafios são extremamente originais, a trilha sonora é FANTÁSTICA, eu fiquei tão imerso nesse jogo quanto eu estaria em um filme, e a mensagem final é surpreendente e espetacular. Amanhã eu com certeza acordarei um novo homem depois desse jogo. Isto é, se eu não ficar preso em um mundo de sonhos.

Uhhh ? ohhhhHHHHH , wait huh ?

This is the type of game that makes me very confused... And I love it!

This game is really cool and interesting until it tries to tell a story and then I just lose all interest