Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1

released on May 15, 2020

Tales From Off-Peak City is a first-person adventure game series.
Volume 1: Caetano's Slice is the first game of many in the anthology of Tales. While each 'Volume' is its own self-contained story and experience, taken together, they build towards the larger over-arching narrative of what’s really going on at the corner of July Avenue and Yam Street and what role you ultimately play in its fate.

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Absurd, revolves around a saxohone (immediate GOAT) and has an incredibly charming and interesting world with an actually interestingly presented mystery.
I'm REALLY looking forward to Vol. 2

Cosmo D é um cara... curioso. Quando joguei Off-Peak, por recomendação do meu amigo Yan, achei a proposta interessante, mas pouco entendi do que vi. Eu estaria mentindo se dissesse que entendi Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1, mas eu acho que é essa a ideia.
Cosmo D não quer que você entenda o que está acontecendo, quer que você experiencie. Nada tem que fazer sentido, nada tem que estar claro ao jogador. O que importa mesmo é sentar, jogar e refletir depois.

Very clever use of music and weirdness in this pizza making simulator. This is a game my Mum would love if she enjoyed playing videogames.

While this game's level and quest design are both less ambitious (and less interesting) than the Norwood Suite, I found its narrative to be more captivating and better-paced.

Cosmo D: is simply a master of video game scenery. It reconfigures the aesthetic sense of visual collage through the architecture itself, leaving the seams that hold any video game level exposed, from textures and models to the Skybox, all mixed, with experimentation and without shame or desire to be impressive, pure architecture. digital surreal.
Nothing of coherent proportions or conventional spatial sense, something that, on the other hand, is quite common in the medium, much as contemporary AAA video games and their cinematographic and photorealistic ambitions want to deny. An observation room with a window to another room, with windows that show a landscape built like an old photograph. Representation of psyche and desire, also of memories.
- The pizza at the level of art, and the human activity of creating it at the level of any articulation and artistic practice, the result? At the delivery of each pizza, a semi-criticism between one or several characters of the piece created, with their counterpoints and their infulas written through small dialogues that float in the air of places sunk in music, full of sculptures, records, books and instruments that generate the sensation of being "bricks" to complete spaces rather than artifacts with an aesthetic and communicative function. A space so consumed by capitalism that there is no real aesthetic scale on practically anything.
100% new millennium Volatile and changing like our cultural and social dynamics.

The last in Cosmo D's trilogy of first-person adventure games, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 continues to refine and expand Off-Peak's world, its interest in working class life, and a commitment to always having one foot planted in a bucket of tomato sauce while the other dangles over an abyss. The introduction of a rudimentary economy, opportunities for player creativity (a pizza maker AND a camera mode?!), and a more directed narrative make it the most structurally interesting of the three games, even if the diminishing of character interactions makes the world feel a bit barren (not necessarily a bad thing tonally, but less to my tastes).
The way TFOPC uses jump cuts and scene staging is leaps ahead of so many of its contemporaries. Incredible to play a game that understands physical comedy, juxtaposition, and when not to call attention to itself.