Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

released on Sep 10, 2021

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Tales of Arise

released on Sep 10, 2021

300 years of tyranny. A mysterious mask. Lost pain and memories. Wield the Blazing Sword and join a mysterious, untouchable girl to fight your oppressors. Experience a tale of liberation, featuring characters with next-gen graphical expressiveness!

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Great soundtrack and visuals, im really glad that anime games are experimenting with the anime aesthetic and not just sticking to the basic anime celshaded look. The game started off great, i had a fun time with it exploring the world and characters but then towards the end, the game just refuses to end (and not in a good way) all the plot twists were very predictable and the final areas felt like the only challenge was keeping your stamina so i kept having to go and buy stamina items and spending all my money on those. It doesnt help that they are so expensive too. The final areas also had segments where its nothing but: walk a bit, cutscene, walk, cutscene, talk to all your party members, cutscene, walk, cutscene, gameplay. It doesnt help that in the final area there are no warp points so you are forced to walk through the entire dungeon to get to the part i left off. The enemies too are just the same tanky type that take 10 minutes to kill for almost no XP and then the boss that just spams enemies and respawns them and randomly casts a attack that kills you in 3 seconds if you arent fast enough without warning. Its just sucks that the ending was so awful since besides that is quite a fun game, but man the late portion of the game just completely ruined it for me. The game is also poorly optimized for pc, sure it runs fine but it has barely any settings it doesn't even have ultra wide support and you cant acess the menu from the title screen, you need to be in game and go into settings through there. I wouldn't recommend getting this game at full price, if you really want to play it at least wait for a sale.

precioso graficamente tipo en serio wow
musica buena
la trama...... que pasó? en serio empezo bien no se que paso
los bosses tienen TAN POCO desarrollo que en serio te hace dudar si es adrede
yo pense que faltaba MUCHO en el final del juego, que de por si es una ultima curva super SUPER alargada

juegalo pero no lo termines como yo

personalmente recomendaria irte corriendo el momento que veas el segundo opening cada vez que abras el juego ahi ya la historia esta bajando como submarino y no va a subir

This is probably one of my favourite JRPGs, especially of recent years. I loved my time with it, it was excellent. Highly recommend.

just to get the positives out of the way: the graphics are beautiful, combat is decent, and the general gameplay is definitely a step up for the series.

that aside, the game feels like it's lost a lot of the charm of previous tales games (where are the funny skits? why don't i feel invested in literally any of the characters? and who is this gourdeno guy and what did he do to the wonder chef???), there were some truly, truly questionable writing choices, the plot alternated between putting me to sleep and making me go "hey didn't this already happen in symphonia", vholran feels like an off-brand sephiroth and not even in a fun way, and the game can't seem to decide whether he's the main villain or not...honestly i could go on but tldr the plot and characters fell extremely, extremely flat for me. which is both disappointing and unexpected since i've always considered the characters to be one of the strongest points of this series.

anyway hit that like button if you miss magilou with your entire heart and soul

Loved this game. It's got a couple of issues but what a great cast of characters. As my second played Tales game, I'm very satisfied with this, and it probably means good things for the future of the series.