Tales of Kenzera: Zau

Tales of Kenzera: Zau

released on Apr 23, 2024

Tales of Kenzera: Zau

released on Apr 23, 2024

Wield the dance of the shaman. Reclaim your father’s spirit. Brave the beautiful and treacherous land of Kenzera with the God of Death in Tales of Kenzera: Zau, a metroidvania-style adventure crafted by Surgent Studios.

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While I found the mechanics and gameplay fun, what really pushed me to keep playing was the story. The characters are brought to life wonderfully by the bright art and fantastic voice acting. This is a simple story but a powerful one and one that I think is told from a unique perspective.

I liked Zau, it has a fairly decent story that was told in a visual novel style. This is something I wouldn’t usually like but the voice acting performances really drive and elevate its story with the amount of various tones they put into it; which would be lost if it was only read without hearing the voice acting. Its essentially a story about a boy listening to his mother tell a tale about another boy who’s lost his father like he has.

The combat I found enjoyable. The way you can switch between the sun and moon shaman masks added variety and depth to the combat where you had to think strategically about the best combination based on enemy type. Plus, the ultimate moves for both are pretty fun. The platforming is fairly forgiving and accessible. This focus on accessibility is also seen by how you were guided through the metroidvania map with very minimal back tracking. However, despite how forgiving the platforming was, it still has really tricky segments to it. I would’ve appreciated something to bypass it or having better checkpoints.

All in all, Zau is a good game for someone who wants a story-centred 2.5D platform action metroidvania. However, diehard platformers won’t enjoy this nor story-driven fans.

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Tales of Kenzera: Zau is a game I wanted to like really badly but I just found it to be middle of the road at best. You go into this game thinking it's a Metroidvania and while it does have Metroidvania elements such as weapon and movement upgrades and map design, it moreso plays like an action-platformer. The game’s map is very well designed and you never find yourself getting lost at any point. You are always going the right way which is pretty antithetical to Metroidvania design so keep this in mind. With that being said, while the map does feature a lot of long stretches of nothing but holding forward. Sure, there are enemies sprinkled here and there but it does feel rather empty. In contrast to that, this game also loves its combat rooms where you have to fight a surplus of enemies all in succession without dying. They go from kinda whatever to frustratingly annoying that really dampers the experience for me. There aren’t too many upgrades or paths to incentivize much exploration so it’s mostly just going to reach the next objective. In addition, a lot of the abilities you get end up feeling the same and/or redundant. There never is an “aha” moment where you learn to use an ability in a new unique way. This game also features a lot of boss fights that are admittedly very fun to master. They all are fun and have unique moves and are a blast to play though. You can really feel the heavy influence of Metroid Dread seep through this game’s bones. This game’s story is neat enough but I honestly never really connected with it that most others did. It’s a story that feels like its impactful but honestly just missed the mark for me. Overall, it’s a fine enough game with a story that really didn’t resonate with me but there is definitely a framework here that some may enjoy. I wouldn’t call it a bad game, just a mediocre one.

nao consegui pensar em nada negativo no jogo

ele não é excepcional em nada mas é otimo em tudo! parece com rayman (um dos meus fav) então me ganhou na hora.
ele é sobre luto, a história é linda os gráficos são bonitos e o combate é okay, tem umas mecanicas MUITO legais e ele é curto o suficiente pra não ficar entendiante e é bem fácil de platinar. mas queria que os bosses fossem mais difíceis

A few glitches here and there but overall a solid game with a solid story