Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

released on Jan 11, 2019
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

released on Jan 11, 2019

The Return Of A Fan Favorite! Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tales of Vesperia and the return of this fan-favorite with the Definitive Edition!


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murdering politicians MIGHT be ok guys

Vesperia was my fave Tales game for almost a decade and was only overthrown due to Berseria being released, I played through this game many times back on 360 alone in the day.

When I came back to it on PS4 I realized it has a lot of flaws, like the story is pretty uninteresting for a good part of the game and some characters aren't as well developed as others, but I do still love the game a lot, Yuri is still among my fave protagonists and really carries the game, love his relationship with Flynn especially, Raven and Duke are also great too. The gameplay is pretty clunky, but still a lot of fun and almost has a fighting game feel to the way you input button commands and do combos.

Overall it's still a really great game and my 2nd fave in the series, but not quite the masterpiece I used to think it was.

JRPG Backlog Marathon 7/12

It's good, I guess.

not done with this one yet, but so far it's a fun and pretty jrpg romp that yuri lowell is carrying on his back

This is going to be a dishonest review.

The story is a snoozefest throughout 2/3 of the game and the finale and the final boss are severely forgettable, but Yuri carries. The combat system is a clunky and boring mess, but Yuri carries. Except a handful tracks, the soundtrack is extremely nondescript, but Yuri carries. The dungeons are streamlined corridors without any ambitious puzzles, but Yuri carries. Estelle is a stereotypically naive princess, but Yuri carries. This game bores me to death, but Yuri carries.

In the end, it was good enough to keep me going and to try other Tales games, so it was fairly and convincingly good. Yuri carries and he’s the reason all the other characters work so well in this story, due to his supportive nature. His vigilantism is the reason the dynamic between Yuri and Flynn is so strong. I mean it when I say that, because Yuri really does carry the entire game — in a good way.

The one thing I just love about Tales of Vesperia is its understated story.

There are no Demons, Devils, Angels and Gods, no gigantic monsters and you don't travel to alternate dimensions or through time.

There are only a few plot twists and the ones that exist are subdued and don't change anything fundamental about the course of the tale (get it?!?).

You still save the world in the end of course, but the path to that is actually pretty held-back.

I see how it may be weird for this to be a positive, but I found it really rather refreshing in the landscape of JRPGs and simply very charming and infatuating.