released on Dec 25, 1992

A video game adaptation of the Taz-Mania cartoon, starring the Tasmanian Devil. One of several games based on the license, the Sega versions features the same story, but has a unique design and set of levels in the different platforms.

Inspired by a tale his father told, Taz goes on a quest for the egg of a giant prehistoric seabird, which will lead him across the whole of Taz-Mania through 16 levels of platforming action. He must survive a desert, a jungle, a car factory, a mine and ancient ruins. Taz is able to run, jump, and spin fast to turn into his trademark whirlwind. While spinning, he can knock out most enemies he comes across. He can also pick up many different items and try to eat them or use them in another way. Most foods replenish his health, while eating hot peppers gives him a fire breath attack. Stars grant temporal invulnerability, while bombs should be thrown at enemies (and definitely not be eaten!).

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If you like mediocre plataformers and Frank Zappa's "Jazz from Hell" album, then this is the perfect game for you!

In 1992, some gaming company managed to squeeze an actual garbage fire onto a Game Gear cartridge. The framerate of a first grader's flip book meets the sound of tying catnip to a cat's face and throwing it at a piano to present 9 painful levels (mostly auto-scrollers) featuring everyone's 10th favorite Looney Tunes character. Taz-Mania is a game with zero redeeming qualities, and is best left forgotten, much like how the developers forgot to add "fun" to their video game for children.

Taz-Mania (1992): Sólo tiene un problema, pero a su vez es lo peor que puede ser un juego de esta época: Es aburrido, mucho. Un plataformas 2D simplón, de tirar para adelante y repetir el mismo patrón. Al menos no se alarga demasiado y no se hace pesado (4,95)

You have the power of Vore of all things

Could of been good. But poor level design, bad music, and frustrating controls makes this a game that is not worth checking out.