Tekken 4

released on Jul 01, 2001

Tekken 4 marks the return of Namco's premier fighting franchise, Tekken. This version features enhanced graphics, gameplay mechanics, and fearsome fighters. Newcomers engage old favorites in interactive, multileveled arenas. The addition of walls, terrain effects, position changes, and enhanced sidestepping will force you to adjust your fighting strategy. Expanded game modes such as Training, Team Battle and the new Tekken Force provide the player with a deeper gameplay experience.

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So this game is deemed the black sheep of the series by many. And I can see why. But that doesn't mean it's a bad game. No no no! If anything it's the most innovative Tekken out of all of them. (Well, it tries to be anyway.)
The gameplay is a lot different and bold due to the uneven terrain on the stages which I see what they were trying to do. But it does mess up combos a lot and the main throw button just has you flipping to the right position. Kinda a big flaw there with the controls.
However, the one thing that this game does better than all the games is the Story. Tekken 4's story mode is sick as hell. It went so dark and I love that they did that! It's the best storytelling they've done throughout these games. I loved it!
(Story note: I don't care what Harada says. Kazuya beat Heihachi in the tournament. Fuck you. Fight me. Kek.)
Speaking of Kazuya, he's back in this one! And he plays really well. But his uppercut I found to be not so effective as other games. Also, his 2P outfit is cool but kinda bland. (Digging the shades though.)
Overall, Tekken 4 is great. It tried to be more innovative this time round by trying new things. Some of it worked. Some didn't. Least they tried it out. I still enjoy this game though. It's one of my gulity favourites in the series. lol.
Also, Tekken Force. sigh. What a pain in the ass that is.

A great generational leap. Great cutscenes. Good atmosphere. Brought back Kazuya, which I'm all here for.

the upgrade to ps2 is great! in general it all just feels more great and i appreciate there being a story mode instead of just arcade runs.

what the street fighter community is experiencing with ken right now is akin to what i guess the tekken community experienced with paul 21 years ago (he is unemployed)