You can rediscover the timeless puzzle game Tetris on your Nintendo DS with Tetris DS. Now you can choose from six different game modes, all of which take advantage of the DS's touch screen. Each game mode features a theme from another Nintendo franchise, such as The Legend of Zelda or Metroid. You can challenge up to nine other players using one cartridge for local multiplayer play or three other players around the world with the DS's Wi-Fi connection.

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Caraio........Tetris é muito bom!

It's actually shocking how good this game is. It's Tetris but there are different modes that make this game a whole lot more. Tetris (GB) was a masterpiece in its own right but Tetris DS is pretty much the overshadowed but more talented younger brother in the Tetris family. It's seriously that good. There's still basic modes, but there's also some very fitting modes for the console, namely Push and Touch. Mission mode is also a very fun change of pace, and this can even be played multiplayer. This game does support local and online multiplayer, and does so extremely well even in 2023 over fan run servers.

I appreciate how many different modes this game has other than just basic tetris, and even that has a thick Nintendo coat of paint with many different Nintendo properies plastered over everything. Having this many modes means there's a lot to mess around with and a lot to try out, however most of the modes aren't winners so once you've tried everything you're basically just left with regular ass Tetris which is honestly perfectly fine all things considered.

Una de las entregas más frescas y completas del legendario juego de puzles soviético. La variedad de modos y su temática inspirada en los clásicos de NES lo convierten en un título sorprendente y emocionante.

Its Tetris on the DS. Like I don't feel like I need to defend this score.

Tetris DS usa da estética vanguardista do NES que revolucionou os jogos que vieram depois. Tetris DS revolucionou os Tetris que vieram depois. Existe um mundo antes e depois de Tetris DS, o "Tetris" do Game Boy não é mais o "Tetris" de hoje. Talvez possa existir um Tetris melhor que Tetris DS, porém, não tem como existir um Tetris melhor que Tetris DS, sem o DNA de Tetris DS.
PS: eu tinha feito um review ainda melhor, mas eu perdi por burrice e tive que reescrever :(