The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition

released on Oct 27, 2016

Skyrim special edition is a remaster of the classic from 2011. Now with upgraded visuals.
Skyrim reimagines and revolutionises the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.

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The most overrated RPG of all time. Combat is atrocious. Quests are mostly boring. NPC's are robots. The open world is great and really vast but thats about all that kept me playing. Graphics (for its time) were impressive, but without mods the game is bland and pretty boring.

This game is hard to review, and I want to give the context that, in the terms of modding, I am only going to count visual overhauls for my score here. While Skyrim is one of the best games with mods I feel it would be unfair to score it off of that...
What the score I've given here does represent is the base game and base DLCs, which, in themself, are not that impressive (I spend more time modding the game to be more fun than I do playing it). Now to be completely transparent, I am a huge fan of Oblivion, I enjoy ESO and found new love in Daggerfall, but Skyrim just stumbles too much for me. The base game, while manageable, is completely bogged by poor story-writing and a bland world. While it is one of the defining open-worlds of the modern era, it is a definite stall. I think it boils down to the idea that there is very little base Skyrim offers that I can't find in another open world at this point in time. While my score is not reflective based on when the game released, I will say this is the state it is in today. However, there are parts of Skyrim that are really good, some side-quests are incredibly engaging and immersive, the DLCs all have their own merits (I f*cking love Dawnguard), but I think the problem that always sticks me is that there is nothing I can name about Skyrim that I enjoy about it. In a way it's a game that falters so badly on the RPG front, it's more fun to break it and do fun story content than to deal with the bland gameplay. While I would definitely recommend it with some fun mods (Inigo is a godsend) to spice up the world and such, the base game is just missing so many things that makes an RPG, an RPG. Coming from Oblivion that, while flawed, had a much more interesting story and characters I don't want to butcher on site, Skyrim storytelling and RPG-wise feel like steps-back in order to appeal to a lower demographic.
tldr: is Skyrim good? yes, but BASE Skyrim isn't all it's chalked up to be, DLCs are mild saviors

He me aquí, escribiendo una reseña en un tono completamente contrario al que pensé que tendría. Hace demasiados años que deseaba jugar a Skyrim. La leyenda del mismo era tan grande que nunca me sentía preparado para emprender este viaje, así que lo fui dejando y dejando, hasta al fin atreverme a jugarlo 12 años después de su lanzamiento original.
¿Y qué pasa cuando juegas a un juego del que tienes un hype masivo y por el que han pasado 12 añazos de progresos tecnológicos? Que no puedes si no encontrarte una tremenda decepción. Yo, rolero de pura cepa con cientos de juegos de este género a mis espaldas, no he conseguido comulgar con el considerado rey del cotarro. ¿Acaso soy un farsante entonces?
Creo que tengo argumentos para no considerarme tal:
- El sistema de combate tiene animaciones muy pobres, tiene una opciones limitadísimas y carece de feedback por parte de los enemigos, que además tienen una IA de la que solo sobrevive la letra A.
- El motor gráfico está muy desfasado incluso para su época. La cantidad de bugs y glitches por metro cuadrado es demoledora.
- Aunque tenga miles de líneas de texto en las que sumergirse, no he encontrado una sola que me haya hecho pensar que estoy ante un producto bien escrito. Quizás no horrible tampoco, simplemente mediocre.
- He leído y escuchado a muchas personas alabar la libertad de exploración del título. En mi corta experiencia en Skyrim (trama principal completada), casi todos los parajes me han resultado similares, habitados por las mismas criaturas y con una sensación de recompensa casi nula.
En realidad podría seguir enumerando problemas que me he encontrado, pero creo que los aquí expuestos son lo bastante grandes para entender el motivo de mi decepción.
Sé que de la comparación vive el crítico necio, y que las comparaciones son odiosas, pero quizás no haya sido el mejor movimiento por mi parte jugar a Skyrim un año después de menearme la sardina exprimiendo hasta la última gota de contenido de Elden Ring.

By far one of the worst games I ever played. I only beat this game just because I didn't want it to be abandoned in my library. Skyrim is not near the levels of Oblivion, not even Morrowind.
No matter how much I tried I never really get motivated to play the game after the first 3 hours. The more I played it, the more boring it came.
I can't believe how some people praise Skyrim as the greatest RPG ever made. The plot is crap, the characters are horrible, all guild quests were bullshit, also the gameplay is unpolished and full of bugs. Everything just felt soulless and empty.
Another stuff that I was disappointed about was the dragons. They are too weak and not challenging at all even in the highest difficulty and most of the fights were the same damn generic battle over and over again. Dragons suck in all aspects.
The only good thing I appreciate about Skyrim is that it looks nice and has a good atmosphere. The modding ability as well is something truly remarkable.
I think Skyrim is extremely overrated and all the popularity and relevance that this game has today is due to the long and massive marketing campaign it had and because of the incredible modding community.