The End Is Nigh

released on Jul 12, 2017

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where the player takes control of Ash, one of few 'things' that have 'survived' the "end of the world."
Follow Ash as he flops his way through a future of pain and suffering. Feel his stress levels rise as you throw him into an endless swarm of decaying, mutant creatures and help aid his final epic quest... to simply make a friend.

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First ending accessed from returning to Ruins 1. Collected 180 tumors.
The End is Nigh is overcompensating for the slightly unreliable context sensitive wall jumps of its spiritual predecessor Super Meat Boy by trading them for much inferior ledge grabs. The result is a movement system which is predictable in both senses of the word: decidedly consistent and awfully drab. There is an acute lack of those eureka moments, otherwise occurring when skillfully overcoming a tricky gauntlet in any of the better precision platformers out there. The one real surprise is the addition of a punishing game over-system during the latter half. It adds pressure and demands steady and confident maneuvers. A decent idea but it does not save the core movement from mediocrity.

This game has been in my backlog for a while, but I only beat it just recently
Good game, didn't like it as much as Super Meat Boy but I definitely recommend it. Edmund McMillen simply doesn't miss

This review contains spoilers

The reveal after putting together your friend that you have an extra 120 more levels before you beet the game is fucking incredible and gut wrenching. I may never finish this game