The End Is Nigh

released on Jul 12, 2017

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where the player takes control of Ash, one of few 'things' that have 'survived' the "end of the world."
Follow Ash as he flops his way through a future of pain and suffering. Feel his stress levels rise as you throw him into an endless swarm of decaying, mutant creatures and help aid his final epic quest... to simply make a friend.

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gameplay is so basic that it gets boring,music is fine,and tthe story is actually very interesting,im not gonna give spoilers but its basically a metaphor.
well,good story,ok music,gameplay kinda bad, i think it gets an ok

This game got really old after a while. And really bullshit. The entire second half of the game makes me not like it as much.

to think they scrapped time fcuk's sequel for this is insulting

J'avais bien aimé Super Meat Boy, j'ai assez récemment terminé Céleste aussi, mais alors celui-là... Je vois pas trop quel est son apport par rapport à d'autres... Et sa DA monochrome c'est pas la meilleure des décisions je dirai...
Je crois que les jeux de plate-formes, c'est plus vraiment ma came.