The Fall

released on May 30, 2014

The Fall is a side-scrolling adventure game with platforming and combat elements. Your character is an AI controlling a combat suit whose occupant is unresponsive and presumably dead or seriously injured. You have crash landed on an unknown planet for unknown reasons and must seek medical attention for your 'pilot'.

The bulk of the gameplay resolves around completing a series of object-matching puzzles in the style of classic adventure games, interspersed with occasional platforming/jumping puzzles and combat sequences.

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Ese twist final me mato
Normalmente le daría un 5/10
pero tengo que darle el 6 por que me trae nostalgia.

Great story and atmosphere.
The gameplay is bad, the puzzles often stupid and pixel huntee. But, it's so short you should try it if you like Sci-fi,

Good story, terrible controls and gameplay becomes a little boring after a while, specially the combat segments.

standard epic games free game
click randomly and hope things work simulator

+ Great story / character building
+ Interesting way to approach restricting the player
+ Wonderful atmosphere
~ Short / Episodic?
~ Two other leading characters are just kinda there
- Some puzzles have no direction