The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City

released on Jul 28, 2021

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The Forgotten City

released on Jul 28, 2021

The Forgotten City is a mystery adventure game of exploration and deduction, and a re-imagining of the critically acclaimed mod of the same name. Combat is an option, but violence will only get you so far. Only by questioning an intertwined community of colorful characters, cleverly exploiting the time loop, and making difficult moral choices can you hope to solve this epic mystery. Here, your decisions matter. The fate of the city is in your hands.

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My rarest achievement was reaching an ending without looping a single time. Only 3% of players got that achievement.

This was shocking to me, because the very FIRST thing I did once I learned the core concept of the game was shoot the leader guy in the face to see what would happen.

Now, assuming a good chunk of those 3% actually played the game well and got a more substantial ending instead of goofing around like I did, how few gamers turned on the game, picked the Gun Guy option, and blew away Diet Caesar? 2%? Less than 1%? Does that say something about me, about people in general, or both?

...anyhow lol get rekt Sentius

Saw Ending 2 and 4

I understand this was originally a Skyrim mod that got expanded on and turned into a standalone game. The DNA and the engine is definitely there. But nonetheless this manages to be a pretty fun and intriguing mystery game. And even if I figured out one of the big plot points early on it was still enjoyable and had a few surprises up its sleeve! Definitely recommend playing this with as little previous information as you can

Um dos melhores jogos de 2021!

Finalmente um jogo de loop temporal que consegue amarrar tudo perfeitamente, conseguindo te deixar instigado e muito bem guiado (mesmo que de forma intuitiva) até o final.

A escrita é muito boa, em nenhum momento senti que minhas opções de diálogo eram incoerentes (claro, considerando suas limitações).

Ao contrário de Outer Wilds, que é extremamente punitivo, a exploração em The Forgotten City é muito recompensadora, é impressionante como você avança naturalmente no jogo apenas explorando e testando coisas.

A história, repleta de cenários lindos e personagens interessantes, me deixou curioso do início ao fim.

pretty sweet myestry game, i did thing the whole twist regarding the voice etc etc was a bit "huh" but its small fry and dosent really drag it down

Well, I was planning on having a grand return to my Obscure Games Recommendation List with this game here but... well.

Firstly I want to thank STRM for recommending me the game, and I also want to apologize because I didn't really feel like putting a lot of time into this one.

For the record, I'm not giving a rating simply because I haven't finished or played enough of the game to feel like I deserve to, but I'll sum up my thoughts like this.

While I think the premise of the game has merit, I think the way it goes about it is just not very interesting. Usually with games with time travel mechanics or plots you wind up visiting multiple different eras or different parts of time to uncover the grand mystery but I find that this game's more Groundhog Day style just didn't appeal to me.

I'll be completely upfront though, I have been struggling with an ongoing depressive episode since I finished Tsukihime and started taking new medication and I am 100% certain that that has impacted my ability to fully take in this game.

The voice acting is fine, though some characters sound boring at time, the dialogue trees remind me too much of the more mediocre Bethesda titles (this game isn't by Bethesda for the record, but the dialogue seems similar at points), and honestly the setting itself just wasn't interesting to me after the first timeloop.

I don't even like the timeloop mechanic because you have to actively run there every single time you end a specific timeline and it just feels like padding to me.

I'm sure this game has an audience, and I want to be in that audience but in my current headspace I don't think I can honestly bother to finish this so I'm shelving it for the time being.

Give it a shot yourself I'd say, you'll probably see something I do not.

i want more games that feel like this! like they're straining against the edge of the engine they're built on to tell a story bigger than the mechanics really allow! this feels organic, like you can see the seams, and i adore that. i like messing around in a time loop!