The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

released on Jul 09, 2015
by Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures is the ninth installment of the Ace Attorney series of text adventure video games.

New gameplay mechanics introduced to the series include Dance of Deduction, in which Ryunosuke must deduce mistakes and oversights in Herlock's overboard logic and uncover new facts, and Summation Examination, in which players must point out discrepancies among jurors' arguments to make their defendant’s case and ultimately secure a "Not Guilty" verdict.

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theatrics have always been core to ace attorney, but dgs revels in its flair. [best character] sholmes and ryonusuke's 7/4 tangos of dual deduction represent a microcosm of the entire game: though mechanically thin, a synchronistically well-crafted spectacle. british

Replayed GAA:A and it was pretty good. Its the funnest in the series to actually play and the new setting/characters are all fucking fantastic sholmes of course being the main highlight but I would say this game is on the weaker side of AA games since overall Alot of it feels like set up for Resolve and the first half of the game doesn't really have any full cases which are still good especially episode 2 but it just kinda doesn't amount to the quality of the series best. Naruhodo's character arc in this game is fucking awsome tho

Finally, an Ace Attorney game localized into English that takes place in Japan, for all of one case.

I was skeptical of the transition to 3d at first, but the expressive character animations and new gameplay mechanics warmed up to me pretty quickly
The cases are all very good (except the second one) but what really makes this game for me are the amazing cast of characters and attention to detail
Very excited for the next one!

Please don't take my stars personally. The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures is the first half of Ryunosuke Naruhodo's story and, for certain reasons, one of the most interesting games in the series. A few years ago, Shu Takumi left the numbered installments in favour of Ace Attorney: Investigations team to go their own way, while he was interested in telling a story about the past in a spin-off duology originally for Nintendo 3DS. I think the crossover with Professor Layton was a success in Shu Takumi's narrative vision, although he already showed his wonderful storytelling skills with Ghost Trick. YT user @bowloflentils made an essay video about it.
As I said, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures is the beginning of Ryunosuke Naruhodo's journey, but... In a different way than his great-grandson. He's the defendant in the first case, and he's not even the protagonist of this story, but things happen on a transatlantic ship to London, and Ryunosuke has to take the spotlight from his senior: Kazuma Asogi. With his assistant, Susato Mikotoba, Ryunosuke will have to face the modern British justice system in the face of the outdated and narrow-minded Japanese system. I think it's Japan, but I didn't see a hamburger stand, so...
The story follows Ryunosuke through the many problems he has to deal with on his arrival in London: a murder case on his first day, a bizarre fatal accident involving one of Japan's greatest writers, Natsume Soseki, on his second day, and a final case where everything comes together. It's not a grand story, but it's the most fitting to show the development of Ryunosuke's character as a lawyer. In that sense, I can't give the game a higher rating, because it's an unfinished story, but it's necessary for the sequel, and it's really well-written. I also appreciate the fact that the game leaves some mysteries unresolved and doesn't conclude the story with a typical 'anime cliffhanger".
In terms of gameplay, the cross-examination is more refined and the trials take on the mechanics of the crossover with Professor Layton. These additions enrich the overall dynamic, and the gestures and movements of the characters themselves are really fascinating. Some even have their own individual music themes. The game doesn't feel dull or overstretched.
P.D. I love the name change to Herlock Sholmes in the English version. It fits his character better.