The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

released on Jul 09, 2015
by Capcom

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The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

released on Jul 09, 2015
by Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures is the ninth installment of the Ace Attorney series of text adventure video games, originally released on the Nintendo 3DS.

Set in the late 19th century during Japan's Meiji Period and Britain's Victorian era, the game tells the story of an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who works to sleuth out the truth in witnesses’ testimonies and clear his clients’ names in court alongside a cast of characters - including local ace detective Herlock Sholmes.

New gameplay mechanics introduced to the series include Dance of Deduction, in which Ryunosuke must deduce mistakes and oversights in Herlock's overboard logic and uncover new facts, and Summation Examination, in which players must point out discrepancies among jurors' arguments to make their defendant’s case and ultimately secure a “Not Guilty” verdict.

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Great Ace Attorney is a spin-off of the popular Ace Attorney series, taking place in the early 1900s (mostly) in Britain. With the change of setting, the game brings a completely new cast and even new mechanics, which makes it feel quite fresh. In terms of "gameplay", it may even be the most "fun" iteration of the AA formula IMO. New to the game are the jury system for trials (something that has been teased since Apollo Justice...) and Herlock Sholmes' "great deductions" for investigations. Both new systems add more variety to the gameplay, making it, again, more fresh and fun.

Story is, as usual for AA games, pretty good, with an overaching plot that links many of the game's cases and a ton of twists. The new cast is fun, even if it holds some similarities to the traditional cast.

If there's anything to complain about, I'd say the pace of the game is slightly strange, since the first 3 cases feel like small tutorials of each main mechanic. Case 4 is the first case in the game with full investigation and trial sections, which is a little strange compared to other AA games.

Overall, I really liked this game. I'm not sure where exactly I'd rank it compared to the standard AA games but it's definitely near the top.

Incredible step up in every way from Spirit of Justice. From animation, to characters, to writing, to gameplay. It's such a fun game from beginning to end. A completely fresh start was what this series needed, I think. Perhaps my only complaint is I'm not entirely fond of its pacing, there's not much time for investigation and once you hit the trial you're there until it's over. Nothing goes past a day. Still, I think the cases are so enjoyable that it's not really an issue in the moment. Probably my second favorite Ace Attorney, behind T&T. Eager to start the second game.

Also I think Herlock is possibly the funniest character in this entire series, they had so much fun with his animations and writing. The type of character you go "I hate this fucking dude" and then when someone asks who's your favorite it's him, it's always him.

uh oh maybe ace attorney is not as stale as I thought

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A unique take on the Ace Attorney formula, it's got its fair share of two weaker cases (2 and 4, the causes are really really contrived in both and there's no real payoff) but two stellar cases (3 and 5, Magnus Mcgilded is like Matt Engarde done better and Gina is also great). It serves as a set-up game to the second which is alright on its own but the McGilded stuff is the real winner.

I love how when you inspect the wagon early on you can catch on to what's going on when things change later, the case is just so good.

Your bro gets replaced by a bitch who judo throws you for mistakes that aren't even your fault

Fuck this game