The Guy Game

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The Guy Game is an adult video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms published in 2004 by Gathering of Developers and developed by now-defunct Top Heavy Studios (it was the team's only game). Presented in a trivia gameshow style supporting up to four players, it consists of about 1,000 questions spread out over 20 episodes. Much of the game involves watching live-action video footage of young women in bikinis, and as the player succeeds in the game the women eventually expose their breasts. The game garnered much controversy and was the subject of a lawsuit.

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men deadass make me cope so hard i hate them so much

toxic masculinity the game

I didn’t even play this game but like....... come on it’s the fucking guy game. The most obvious 0.5 possible. They couldn’t even check if all the contestants were at least 18 lmao. How the hell did this even get released?

Didn't play it but I saw Scott's video on it.

Thank god I never actually played this, still rating it though cause well, prefer not to talk about.

Conversely, IGN gave the game a 7.7 out of 10, stating "It may be tasteless, but I prefer this kind of tastelessness over BMX XXX." The reviewer also noted that the game was "solid, simple and fun".[8]

Strong argument for misandry in videogames.