The Hundred Year Kingdom

released on Feb 02, 2022

Create a world free of conflict in this innovative turn-based simulation. Work together with a mythical young goddess to develop a peaceful civilization over the course of a century.

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Presents itself as a city builder but is really more of a super relaxed puzzle game. It's cute, laid back, and genuinely pretty addictive if you dig deep into getting good ranks. The art and presentation is super cute, too. Hard to dislike a game this earnest.

Very charming, engaging city builder that has a lot of charm in a tidy package.

Casual town-builder that is overall feels like optimization puzzle. The interface is a little bit slow and information is organized kind of weird. There were a few discoveries to make in terms of how to best grow the town, but it was annoying to constantly cross-reference the structure evolution paths and keep in mind what needed to go where. Progressing time felt a bit needlessly slow even at 4X. The "Goddesses"' dialogue was... unique at what it was going for (this sort of 'maid' vibe) but they all felt a little similar with repeated text.
There's a metaprogression that makes it easier to score well on levels. I didn't like that simply because it made me feel less able to gauge how well I was actually doing the levels...?
I played a few hours but there were still more mechanics to see. This is really easy to get into and simple to start for a town builder, though, so it was fun to learn about the genre.