The King of Dragons

released on Aug 05, 1991
by Capcom

The game has 16 levels, though many are quite short. Much like Capcom's Knights of the Round, King of Dragons features an role-playing video game-like level advancement system. Points scored for killing monsters and picking up gold count towards experience, and the character gains levels at regular intervals. With each level, the character's health bar increases, other attributes such as range improve, and the character also becomes invulnerable for a few seconds. Along the way, different weapon and armor upgrades for each character may also be picked up.

King of Dragons features a simple control system that consists of a single attack button, and a jump button. By pressing both buttons, the character unleashes a magical attack that strikes all enemies in screen (its strength varies according to the character used) at the expense of losing energy. The fighter, cleric and dwarf can also use their shield to block certain attacks by tilting the joystick back right before the impact.

This is one of the many Capcom games to feature the yashichi power-up item. There are three such power-ups hidden throughout the game, each giving the player an extra continue.

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Joguei com a minha irmã mto divertido

Um puta briga de rua divertido mas muito longo, a versão de SNES do jogo e extremamente difícil

jogo medieval bem legal de beat n up da pra upar de nivel e ganhar upgrades bem diferenciado o ruin dele e que ele e meio longo ai fica enjoativo com o tempo

A pretty average beat 'em up.
Has 5 playable characters which adds some variety. It has a fantasy setting and uses all tropes you'd typically associated with it.
Graphics are pretty basic.
The gameplay is pretty basic even when compared to some of its contemporaries. You have one attack button, one jump button and you could press the two buttons together to perform a special attack which drains a part of your health.
The above mentioned rather basic combat system combined with the fact this game has 16 stages, way longer than the average beat 'em up, makes it feel like a big drag.
The RPG leveling system, while cool, is executed better in Knights of the Round, which was released the same year.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Confesso que no começo não estava gostando e achando repetitivo, mas não demorou muito pra melhorar. É mais um beat em up de época mas dessa vez com tema de RPG na sua mais pura essência.