The King of Fighters: Kyo

released on Aug 27, 1998

The King of Fighters Kyo is a spin-off from SNK's successful fighting games that focuses on the series main character: Kyo Kusanagi. The game takes place 11 months after the '96 tournament, and covers the months prior to the '97 tournament and the tournament itself from an RPG-like point of view. You control Kyo, and go around the world (starting in your home, Osaka and eventually going to places like Mexico and California) advancing a plot line related to the Orochi storyline and your eternal enemy, Iori Yagami, by interacting with other characters from the series, solving subquests and winning fights viewed from a first-person perspective.

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Ranking every character from King of Fighters: Kyo from least to most homophobic:
S Rank (Salvation)
These characters not only were portrayed as not having prejudice against gay people, but are also implied to be active supporters of LGBT+ rights as a whole:
- Shingo
- King
- Terry
- Shermie
- Daimon
A Rank (Angel)
These characters were shown to not display any homophobia and seem to always treat gay people with due respect:
- Yuki
- Ralf
- Clark
- Leona
- Kim
- Benimaru
- Andy
- Yuri
- Mary
B Rank (Bearable)
These characters joke about sexuality likely more than they should, but when gay people who they don’t have intimacy with are around, they’ll stop making them entirely to not make the conversation uncomfortable:
- Saisyu
- Mai
- Heidern
- Ryo
- Robert
- Takuma
- Chang
- Yashiro
C Rank (Controversy)
These characters often make dubious jokes and comments regarding sexuality that are kinda hard to tell whether they were joking or not, likely hold some prejudice deep inside:
- Kyo
- Chizuru
- Chris
- Joe
- Choi
- Mr. Big
- Yamazaki
- Chin
D Rank (Despair)
These characters are plenty vocal about being homophobic and seem oddly proud about it when a gay person is around:
- Iori
- Geese
- Billy
- Kensou
The Athena Tier
This bitch will follow you around, stare at you like this and say shit like “I just don’t think it’s natural”:
- Athena

Esse jogo é tipo Love Plus só que com Iori Yagami mendigando sua atenção.

cool vn jrpg hybrid. you can play it if you know spanish.