The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

released on Jun 24, 2004

From the makers of the Ys games comes a series of RPGs telling a legend of adventure, political intrigue, and mystery, with a tale of growing up at the core. With a mix of turn-based and strategy combat, and an equipment system blending traits of famous games like Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Cross, battles will cause unique builds and plans to handle many different situations and allow for different play styles. Wonderfully detailed characters abound, even to the smallest NPC, and the player will find themself taking the world in at every turn. Trails in the Sky sets a new standard for making an enjoyable and immersive RPG.

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I want you to understand that I spent over six months on this game, I needed to be in the mood to play this, it was a good foundation and while I don't think there's one area where it excels the orbment system was fun to fidle with, and the cast was vibrant, but Joshua and Estelle's relationship is sooo... it chief.

The single RPG that influenced me the most. The worldbuilding and character development, especially the development of the main character Estelle, towers over the vast majority of JRPGs and RPGs in general. Being an early entry in the Trails series, the battle system is still relatively simple, but fun enough to carry you through the amazing story of the Trails in the Sky series. One of the very few endings in a game that made me genuinely emotional.

This review contains spoilers

This was pretty good, mostly. The story is great, better than most of the final fantasy games, if not all of them. The characters feel more than just the tropes you'd typically see. They act more human, one time they made some gay jokes at each other, i do that in real life too. You can picture them living a normal life, you see these characters live and look for food and shelter, make joke at each other. FF characters are not real people, they are jrpg personified. Which isn't neccessarily bad, it just loses its connectivity with the audience. But the story is not the issue at hand, its the gameplay. When I say gameplay, i mean the segments where "you have to walk to a place then talk to a dude". Game does this often and it really hurts the flow of the game. The gameplay that isnt the combat is miserable. Exploration is non existant, theres no reason to do any of it and its so boring because of the lack of any interactables besides chests. There was a lot of times where I couldnt bring myself to keep playing this because those segments were so boring. That being said though, the story or rather, the characters were very good. The first game set the foundation. We have the setting, characters and plot points. The second needs to have the meat.

hard to describe how much better this was than I assumed it'd be
i dropped this game like 5 separate times over the years since I had this on PSP, it's an amazing experience with fast forward on pc lol, incredible journey that left me completely endeared to Estelle

Es un muro importante porque no todo el mundo aguanta el ritmo tan lento que tiene, pero es bastante mejor de lo que parece

The start of an incredible journey. The first steps into this saga, takes us into the shoes of Estelle and Joshua, while we travel the continent, they will find new friends, explore themselves, and have fun in this incredible game