The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

released on Dec 01, 1998

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

released on Dec 01, 1998

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is an action-adventure game.
Link's latest challenge is set on the mysterious Koholint Island, a place where dreams and reality collide. As a castaway, Link must find a way to escape from the island and return to his beloved homeland of Hyrule. This will not be an easy task.

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Super lioso la gran parte del juego, pero es divertido.

A classic of classics. I beat this pretty much exclusively while riding the subway.

Because there are so many Mario baddies you have to fight whenever you go into dungeon basements, from goombas and piranhas to boos and thwomps, I choose to believe that the game is a dream had by Link while suffering a particularly bad concussion after an unfortunate SSB match

I expected to like this game a lot more than I did.
I love the story of the game, and the music is pretty great for the most part.
But something about the game just wasn't that fun for me. Some of the dungeons were pretty frustrating, and navigating the overworld felt like a chore a lot of the time. Also while the plot is good, I think the writing could have been a lot better.

To be honest, I think the reason I don't like this as much as I wanted to is just the disappointment. I expected the game to be better, and it wasn't. I still enjoyed it enough, but I wish I could have liked it more.

I can't recall exactly when I actually beat this, but I'm pretty sure it was around 2013. This game was originally downloaded on my brother's old by 3DS XL on the 3DS Virtual Console.

This was my first 2D Zelda game I played from this era, and when I played it at first I was kind of put-off by it. I genuinely didn't think it could live up to the other games, but it sure as hell did! I thoroughly enjoyed this game my first time around playing it. I think it was around this time I stopped using guides for games, but I'm pretty sure I used a guide for at least a few parts in this game.

No surprise to anyone that knows me but after finishing this for the first time, it quickly became among one of my favorites in the franchise!

I can't really say much wrong with it aside from some obvious, like that it's a little too hard to figure out what you're supposed to do in a dungeon (overworld's not so bad but it can also get tricky without the phone booth), the difficulty curve could've been a little smoother, and finally because of the previous points there's a few bumps in the pacing, though I don't think it gets as noticeable as in Majora's Mask (which I should stress, isn't bad at all regardless).

Everything else though? God tier Zelda magic, especially the setting and atmosphere. I'd be repeating what others have said but Koholint Island is such a magical place, and while you won't remember every detail to a T (unless your memory is much better than mine lol), the general gist and locale of it all does wonders to make navigation a comfy-ass experience. I wouldn't say completing the game and therefore leaving the adventure left me as bittersweet and lonely as OoT's and Wind Waker's, but the feeling is there regardless.

Also if you complain about inventory management you need to get some patience. Like, having to spend a few extra seconds quickly changing items is not the end of the world, especially if you make it so that all your essentials are near the top of the list. Now all the popups about getting the Guardian Acorn and Piece Of Power for the umpteenth time? THAT'S annoying, and is also mainly why I used the Link's Awakening Redux patch for this playthrough.