The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

released on Jul 16, 2021

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a remaster of the 2011 game Skyward Sword that features enhanced graphics and frame rate. The game now has a standard resolution of 1080p, an intuitive auto-save function and a streamlined item description among other improvements.

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The dihareeha encrusted diaper of the legend of Zelda franchise

Why y’all hate this one it’s Zelda and a great one

fun zelda game,i just hated some parts and the imprisoned sucks

The second Zelda game I've beaten, and my first 3D Zelda beaten. This game is amazing. The new joystick controls work well (mostly) and the game itself is super fun to play. The puzzles are fun, the story is a great origin story for the series, GROOSE, The music is amazing. Definitely give this one a play, even if it's just to see Lord Groose's character development.

Simply beautiful, amazing, fascinating and passionate, how I missed it, how I wished to see more of this franchise and what it makes me feel, every time our hero and goddess play together a natural smile comes to my face, every second that what happened was so magical and special that it makes me love The Legend of Zelda so much to the point of considering it >"The best game franchise that ever existed".
So let's go for another review this time to talk about The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword the game that started my favorite game franchise.
Skyward Sword the game that takes us to Skyloft, the incredible floating island built through the power of the goddess who a long time ago through her great sacrifice sealed away the great evil and started a long and prosperous era of peace in the hope that one day a brave hero appears as promised in the prophecies and with him banishes once and for all the demons that walk the earth, restoring through his legendary master sword the light that the gods once tried to protect.
Only with this incredible monologue can we conclude that this game will put you in the shoes of what I believe to be the most important of heroes, not only the one who started what we know today as this incredible franchise, but also the one responsible for bringing light to the world. like no other was able to do, a determined, courageous and above all fair young man, being everything that I consider essential characteristics in someone who inherited the will of the gods.

Skyward Sword differs greatly from its predecessors, bringing motion censors that capture each swing of your controller generating a powerful sword strike thus making your controller more than just an accessory to start your adventure, but also an item of paramount importance in your gameplay, thus making the console more than just an accessory, but part of the experience.
As to be expected here we have creepy tracks, whenever a vocal starts I instantly close my eyes to listen carefully so that I can absorb with all my being everything this game has to offer and although I often get goosebumps with Zelda's Lullaby unfortunately I couldn't have my expectations met because most of the track is forgettable and not very memorable, with its exceptions of course, but in general I believe that this was the Zelda game with the worst tracks I've ever heard.
The first in our chronological order, which despite the praise I must admit that the game lacks an interesting level design which, apart from the forest, everything else on the map is disappointing and mediocre, does not bring the excitement of wanting to explore the scenarios and their secrets as well as the dungeons too, the areas are limited to 3 general scenarios that use backtrack to access new areas that are also as dull as the previous ones with special emphasis on the desert that is frustrating in general using equally annoying and repetitive mechanics, the control of movement is interesting but not enough to want to see it repeated again in the future in another title of the franchise, however whenever it comes to worldbuilding and lore I shudder just remembering, that narratively good game almost made me cry, especially link and zelda have a chemistry that I've never seen another in zelda games as well as Fi that will leave a void in my heart, so like every good bitch from zelda I can say I just loved experiencing what i saw here then for skyward sword 7/10.