The Looker

released on Jun 17, 2022

You wake up, alone, on a strangely familiar island full of puzzles that will frustrate and annoy you.

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An incredibly entertaining spoof but a pretty mediocre video game.

The Witness is one of my favorite games of all time so all of the spoof stuff in The Looker hit super hard. I laughed at basically all the jokes making fun of The Witness. The audio logs are perfection. Even if you haven't play The Witness, there are some other just funny bits in the game.

But as an actual video game it's not great. The puzzles aren't satisfying as much as they're occasionally annoying. when they're not funny. For some reason the game made me motion sick too which has never happened to me with a first person game. But hey it's free so I can't complain too much

+ Pretty funny. Good jokes if you played The Witness
+ Some generally clever and funny other bits

- Some puzzles are more annoying than difficult

Honestly a pretty fun experience for a free game. Makes you think out of the box and is pretty funny at times!

Não chega a ser nada excepcional em termos de puzzle, para falar a verdade, até a mecânica de escrita fica limitada e quando ela quebra um pouco a ideia do "Canvas" o jogo acaba.
porém, divertido e um jogo de 1 hora e gratuito está perfeito assim, vale jogar SIM ainda mais se gosta de puzzle