The Lost Art of Innkeeping

released on May 08, 2020

You've just inherited Cascade Manor from your eccentric aunt, but not only is it in a dismal condition, you have only 30 days to pay off the loan your aunt took out shortly before her death.
You decide to convert the manor into an inn, but while you're busy trying to satisfy the needs of your unusual and persnickety guests, you discover that there is more to the manor than meets the eye...

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Neat and robust RPG Maker game where you strategize a bit about how to 'equip' your rooms so that you make money from the guests. Seems to have the entire Harvest Moon arc going too - learning mysteries about the town, unlocking new areas, expanding stores, etc. I appreciate how that experience is condensed and how little character arcs dot the gameplay experience.

Overall I felt the writing style to be a bit dry/well-trodden and just good enough to get the job done, but the creator does express a love for this kind of British(?) period setting, so I appreciate that.

You expect me to work to pay off some dead virtual-family member? Fuck off. They are an asshole for leaving it for us to deal with.