The Stillness of the Wind

released on Feb 07, 2019

"One by one, everyone left the once bustling village for the city. Everyone, except Talma. Now approaching the end of her days, she maintains a simple, solitary way of life, surviving, subsisting, tending to her homestead and her goats.

Develop your own personal routine as you care for your farm and your animals. Tend to your goats, make cheese with their milk, collect eggs and cook meals, grow vegetables and barter with the travelling merchant who brings increasingly disturbing letters from your family in the city.

A follow up to the critically acclaimed Where the Goats Are, The Stillness of the Wind is a quiet rumination on life and loss."

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I just felt like I was waiting around for something to happen the whole time.

What could have been a touching, poignant story about a woman living out her twilight years in a desolate, harsh rural landscape ended up being a boring and frustrating experience despite its brevity. As it often happens in video games, the developer bit off more than they could chew and delivered a convoluted story mired in pretentious writing and unrealistic characters and dialogue. Frustrating controls and interface along with occasional bugs certainly didn't help, but the worst thing about this game was that by the end I just didn't care about any of it at all.

body machine, planned obsolescence
the old obliteration and entropy, a paean to waiting to die, the assured and understood pacing of slow and quiet compromise. not alive, but not quite dead
waiting on the familiar to dissipate. waiting on the future to disappoint. your children, your children's children, all doing their own thing while you disappear into nothing, into never ever
forever ever
& ever ever

This game ruined my day & I still recommend it to everyone
You’re old.
Generations of a family that you have been a part of, that you have cultivated and that you have raised… have all grown and left. To memories, to the wind or to build their own lives.
The animals you take care of and who take care of you dwindle in numbers.
You grow older.
Letters from loved ones stop coming.
You wait.
You wait.

Accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, even if that means it is slow and frustrating at times.