The Ultimate Doom

released on Apr 30, 1995

An expanded game of Doom

The complete megahit game that set the world afire. Plus All-New Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed. The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! The texture-mapped virtual world is so real, you don't just play Doom - you live it.

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Doom is great because it's made by a bunch of guys, who were probably high out of their minds, that wanted to make an ultra-violent fps about killing demons and it ended up being one of the most influential and important pieces of gaming history.

Decent, repetitive FPS. Was more bearable with a bud. Stuff just blends together.

This is a significant jump in difficulty after the original three episodes. If you play on Ultra-Violence get ready to die quite a lot. Still, over time I've come to appreciate claustrophobic gauntlets like Romero's Perfect Hatred, somehow.
- pistolstarted every map on Hurt Me Plenty

o quê que eu posso dizer?...
é doom.

it's like id software said "let's grab all of our worst maps and do an episode of it!" (score and review only for the "expanded" episode 4)

it sure was one of the first FPS games of all time