The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

released on May 19, 2015

RPG and sequel to The Witcher 2 (2011), The Witcher 3 follows witcher Geralt of Rivia as he seeks out his former lover and his young subject while intermingling with the political workings of the wartorn Northern Kingdoms. Geralt has to fight monsters and deal with people of all sorts in order to solve complex problems and settle contentious disputes, each ranging from the personal to the world-changing.

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My Favoirte game of all time
Best game I've ever played
Hearts of stone DLC in itself can be the best story with the best villain in gaming in my humble opinion

I don’t understand what the hype about this is. It just feels like a generic fantasy RPG to me. A clunky one at that. The music is good though.

+ Living breathing open world
+ Strong stories in main/side quests
+ Fantastic visuals for open world
+ Enormous amount of worthwhile content
+ Likably cast of characters and excellent performances

- Too many combat mechanics that went underutilized
- "follow the dotted line" minimap

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, personally, is by far the best Rpg game ever made and I doubt if there will be any game that will ever match it unless off-coarse CD Projekt Red comes up with a Witcher 4!! Come on, guys!!

The storyline is brilliant first of all along with all the individual characters and their different personalities, interaction with one another and really feel emotions facial expressions of every character is really well done and sets this game apart in an exclusive class of its own, graphics second of all is wonderful and well balanced given that you have a powerful graphics card like a gtx 1080ti or a gtx 1660ti or better to really enjoy it to the full not forgetting a big 32" 2560 x 1440 144hz HDR monitor. The big open world is fascinating, the physics and attention to a lot of detail make the gameplay even more realistic when you play this game it really feels as if you are part of the game, and best of all in Geralt of Rivia's shoes. Last but not least, do not forget the in-game music which compliments every scene and part of the game this makes it all the more unique and outstanding.

Thank you CD Projekt Red for this astoundingly amazing game. You have really done an excellent job and created an RPG game totally exclusive!

Fantastic game, amazing world building and story, a huge almost overwhelming amount of content. Platinum trophy was a lot of work, in hindsight I wouldn't recommend going for this. Essential if you enjoy RPGs in any form.