The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

released on May 19, 2015
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

released on May 19, 2015

RPG and sequel to The Witcher 2 (2011), The Witcher 3 follows witcher Geralt of Rivia as he seeks out his former lover and his young subject while intermingling with the political workings of the wartorn Northern Kingdoms. Geralt has to fight monsters and deal with people of all sorts in order to solve complex problems and settle contentious disputes, each ranging from the personal to the world-changing.

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Fucking love this. Ill be honest this is probably one of the best games ive ever played. This helped to regain my love for fantasy. Its because of my love for this game and its DLCs that i didnt like the Netflix series

This game got me when many of my decisions changed the history and even other side quests. The fighting is not really good, but sometimes you need to use oils, runes and other things to improve your combat and win your battle. This game is a RPG but you'll play with a char made and ready to start. You will just up your char, craft some itens, change runes e making choices that may change the history. It's not bad, but if you are waiting to create a char you can't do it in this game. However, this game is pretty good and the theme seems like I was playing D&D. This magic open world has a lot of things to do, peoples to help e places to explore, and it's just a piece of thigs that you can do and find on this game. I'd finished this game with 57 hours just playing the main history n looking for some treasures, but you can take more if you enjoy all the things that game delivery.

this is the least replayable game in existence I legitimately can't bring myself to ever play it again

This review contains spoilers

The general story is basically “find Ciri”... for sixty hours you go from town to town asking people for information and returning favors. First Geralt goes to the Bloody Baron, then goes to Keira, then goes to Triss and an infinite quest of finding Dandelion, just to find out she's not there. Then you go to Skellige [she's not there either]. This is 80% of the game, just walking and going nowhere. After this you get to the awfully paced final act, you call all your friends for the big battle, there are some awesome fighting cutscenes, everybody is helping each other, it feels like the ending, just to find out you called the wrong friends and now you need to gather the ‘mages friends’ for the big big battle, and here we go again.

There is a part near the end of the game where you finally know the location of Ciri, the wild hunt is coming fast, you are on a magical island, but to get to her you need to help some random dwarfs. This is The Witcher 3 storyline in a nutshell.

I got the 'bad ending' and beyond being sad and all, it is literally bad.

There are some good “sub-stories” in the main quests, like the Baron one, but the majority of them are mediocre, the main characters are very charismatic though. In the story aspect, the side-quests save the game, with random encounters and bizarre creatures that expand the lore in a way that the main missions don't.

The combat is some kind of hack and slash wannabe Dark Souls and it's just not fun, some of the fights you can lock the camera on the enemy, close your eyes and smash attack button+dodges. The combat is the same from beginning to end, nothing that changes the combat flow is added, which is disappointing for a game like this.

Everything gameplay-related feels poorly developed. This game has the worst horse-gameplay I've seen. Geralt moves like Tommy Vercetti. Half the open world is wasted space filled with generic bandit camps and monsters nest. Most of the loot is crap. The majority of abilities on the skill tree are useless.

"What can you know about saving the world, silly? You're but a witcher."