The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

released on May 19, 2015
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

released on May 19, 2015

RPG and sequel to The Witcher 2 (2011), The Witcher 3 follows witcher Geralt of Rivia as he seeks out his former lover and his young subject while intermingling with the political workings of the wartorn Northern Kingdoms. Geralt has to fight monsters and deal with people of all sorts in order to solve complex problems and settle contentious disputes, each ranging from the personal to the world-changing.

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want a compelling story with beautiful graphics and badass weapons? here you go.
prefer playing solitaire on your computer? become a professional gwent player.
like something less dead-serious? play hide and seek with kids while wearing ass ears.
the only thing I might change is trading some of the fetch-quests and redundant environmental tasks that might slow you down for more high-quality side quests.

Objectivement le meilleur jeu que j'ai pas pris la peine de compléter.

after a lot of time, played something that felt like a video game.
combat sucks.
the world is not mind blowing but fun to play in.
im not into dialouge selection games so just skipped through the story.
its very long and quite boring at a lot of times but it was also very video gamey.
didnt like it when i was playing it, dont think id like to pick it up again.
but it felt like a proper video game for this generation, cant really point out why it did tho.

Es un juego genial, solo no vayas en barco que ahi ya no es tan bonito

would be a better game if the combat was better. poor controls made it a turn-off for me.