The Wolf Among Us

released on Oct 11, 2013

The Wolf Among Us is a five episode series from the creators of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead. Based on Fables (DC Comics/Vertigo), an award-winning comic book series, it is an often violent, mature and hard-boiled thriller where the characters and creatures of myth, lore and legend are real and exist in our world. As Bigby Wolf - The Big Bad Wolf in human form - you will discover that the brutal, bloody murder of a Fable is just a taste of things to come, in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences.

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I have gave this 3 stars because it wont launch on my ultrawide, so therefore can't play it

I rarely replay games. I replayed TWAU 4 times and didn't get bored a bit. It is one my of go-to games to describe my taste in narratives as well as personality. As a person who often likes dark takes on different mythos and fables, TWAU got me introduced to Vertigo's Fables series. I also must mention the choices you take in this one (although still somewhat limited) is far more intricate when poising an ethical standpoint than any other TellTale game up to date. Its setting is that good and TWAU2 needs to build upon that shit.
Nobody is ever happy and at the end of the fucking day the sheriff is still the bad guy. Bigby being straight up relatable.

This was interesting, almost made me read the comics.

amei a narrativa,seus personagens e estética,pena que minhas escolhas não tiveram tanta diferença pq a telltale fez

Demasiado bueno es Bigby para las escorias que habitan Fabletown. Más paciencia que un santo es lo que tiene este hombre lobo.