The World Ends with You

released on Jul 26, 2007

In the game, Neku Sakuraba and his allies are forced to participate in a game that will determine their fate. The battle system uses many of the unique features of the Nintendo DS, including combat that takes place on both screens, and attacks performed by certain motions on the touchscreen or by shouting into the microphone. Elements of Japanese youth culture, such as fashion, food, and cell phones, are key aspects of the missions.

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Refreshing game where the protagonist is literally Sasuke from Naruto but with mental gaps. Fun game from DS with a refreshing gameplay. Probably I'll gonna play it again but this time at RetroAchievements page.


im crying so hard right now I cant seem to type out all my feelings on this game i just beat it and i cant stop crying please play this game. not often has something like this affected me so hard this is already in my top 5 how the fuck. This is Xenoblade tier of fucking me up AAAAAAAAAAA

Weird that this is one of my favourite games of all time considering my view on Kingdom Hearts (I hate it) but this is actually really good. Probably some of my favourite combat in gaming, a story that brought me in even if Neku can be kind of annoying at first, and some amazing style proving Nomura can actually make something that isn't shit.
But Fr if the staff behind this teamed up with Altus (minus Hashino) to make Persona 6 we'd probably have something amazing on our hands

A classic
Great setting, message, and soundtrack
the controls are a bit awkward, however