Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

released on Feb 16, 2023

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is a game in the Final Fantasy musical spin-off series, packed with 385 music tracks from across the whole Final Fantasy series.

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An incredibly inventive way to combine rhythm games and classic jrpg combat together to create something unlike anything in either genre, plus it has final fantasy music so that's already a major plus. The song selection is great, with my only real complaint is there's way too many final fantasy 7 songs but that's hardly surprising considering the series. Every game in the series is covered from your mainline games to tactics to mobile spin offs that are dead as hell. I kind of wish I waited till I played a few more Final Fantasy games before playing this, but it was still a fun game I will definitely keep going back to. Only real complaint is why is there multiplayer in this game when Final Fantasy players don't have any friends?

I'm pretty confident in calling this the definitive Theatrhythm game. While I enjoyed the refinements and quantity of songs in Curtain Call, I missed the Story Mode quests of the first game, so I was happy to see Final Bar Line has both! This game is noticeably more difficult than Curtain Call, with Supreme difficulty reaching arcade-level rhythm game charts. Nothing's more satisfying than challenging yourself to increasingly harder songs until you finally clear your first Supreme. This is all the more doable with the party mechanic which, with the sheer number of characters, always gives you a new strategy to approaching difficult quests. Some may have been frustrated with all the tracks relegated to DLC, especially if you were hoping for other Square Enix properties, and I understand that. However, the amount of content with the 300 or so songs you have in the base game will keep you playing the game for dozens and dozens of hours. And if you enjoy the game so much that you do everything there is to do in the base game, then the DLC is the cherry on top.

some of the movement patterns can be a bit difficult. extremely fun! and of course, incredible music

Really thought this game would not be fun outside of playing it on a cabinet but boy oh boy am I fucking stupid