Thief: The Dark Project

released on Nov 30, 1998

Thief is a first-person stealth game that likes the dark. You sneak through the ruins of haunted cathedrals, subterranean ruins, and forbidding prisons, in a dark and sinister city - heavily inspired by Steampunk and the Dark Ages. Garrett finds an ally in the shadows, as he steals for money and uncovers the hidden agendas of allies and enemies. The story that unravels is one of deception and revenge.

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This is one of the best litmus tests for seeing who has bad taste in video games
Also, Tfix Lite and EAX sound fix are mandatory. Also, Gold2Dark can be used on copies of Thief Gold to get (as near as makes no difference) the original Thief: The Dark Project experience, which has better pacing than Thief Gold and is arguably a better overall experience. I recommend using it for a first playthrough before trying out Gold.

One of the best fps stealth games that exist that most games can't compete with. Thief is a fantastical medieval steampunk filled with a fascinating world. It also has fan missions that users can play and see what creativity they come up with.

A lot of people here have been filtered by the levels with ghosts and ghouls, to which i say: Lol.
Real shit though, this is a good game, would be the only good game ever made if Thief II wasn't a Masterpiece Of Time. This is my favorite game ever though out of pure nostalgia, I played this one for hours mastering it, listening to the incredible drum'n'bass ost, and getting immersed in the INCREDIBLE storyline. The pacing is godlike, and the escalation to the incredible finale is so well-earned. Thief Gold fucks up this pacing by adding in 2 of the worst levels ever (thieves guild and mage's tower) and one pretty cool level (the opera house.) I wish there was a way to just play The Dark Project as originally intended but there is a cheat to just skip levels. Do NOT play the Thieves Guild it is like 3 fucking hours long.
It's moody, atmospheric, immersive, you can spend hours getting lost in the world and when you get up to use the restroom you'll feel like you just stepped out of VR. it's so good and the developers should be allowed to legally kill one person of their choice each as reward for working on it.

Would be a great game if a third of the levels weren't handed off to the underpaid intern team

conflicted. it's worth playing just for atmosphere and narrative alone, but only around a third to half of the levels are actually captivating and not-shit enough to not require an exertion of will to actually play through.
may lower to 3 stars.