released on Aug 30, 2022

Catch hundreds of tinykin and use their unique powers to bring Milo back to his home planet- and back to normal size!

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These bugs keep veering the conversation toward religion and politics and then won't shut up about it and I'm like "Wow this is just like Thanksgiving."

Not as mechanically tight as Pikmin but definitely more addicting and fun to move around in

This was just a cute and charming adventure game all around. It has some pretty obvious Pikmin inspiration on its sleeves, but it is still fun and unique in its own way. The controls are nice and solid and the gameplay is more of a puzzle adventure than an action adventure. There is no fighting or anything here; just a fun, lighthearted and charming adventure.

maravilloso en todos sus apartados

A lovely little platformer that has funny characters to enjoy and a cool atmosphere to soak in. A chill experience that isn't too demanding, but rather simply presents big open worlds to explore, each with a cool and imaginative setting between the cool terrarium world and incorporating a child's bedroom as an amusement park for the house's bug inhabitants. It can get formulaic here and there, with the cycle of each level being that you find Tinykin of various colors, and once you have enough, you can usually trounce over any obstacles or puzzles you come across. But still, really liked this one overall.

Tinykin is a very impressive indie title, with typical issues, but playing this game, it’s difficult to put it down
Tinykin takes a lot from games like Pikmin and Chibi-Robo-manoeuvring a giant house, picking up objects to put in the right place, amassing an army of little creatures with different abilities to help you
Tinykin’s worlds (or rooms) are dense and massive, it’s quite a technical feat how much there is here-though this can partly be attributed to all the characters being sprites
Graphically, the game certainly has a very stereotypical indie appearance-with pale colours and bare textures, but the creativity on display is unprecedented
Ok, the game’s level design is massive on a horizontal and vertical scale, yet it never gets tedious due to two factors-the game is fast and flexible
Ok, what’s not as good?
Well, Tinykin suffers from being a game not particularly focused on plot, trying to cram plot in at the VERY last minute-the twists certainly explain some things, but also adds more confusion, ultimately opening up sequel potential
The game’s major flaw, is that it’s virtually impossible to 100%
The game suffers from excessive lack of communication
Each room has a variety of objectives to complete
The secondary collectible-pollen-fills each room in the hundreds
Every room has a primary quest, requiring you to find the necessary items, as well as some other quests on the side
There’s artifacts to collect, letters to take to a postbox for more pollen, bubble extenders
And a ton of in-game achievements
The game never gives you a detector or anything to find things
There is a first-person view, which highlights certain quests with icons, and special objects as blue wireframes, but it’s still hard to locate stuff, not everything is highlighted-especially pollen
Regardless, the game is still incredibly fun despite those issues, I highly recommend it