ToeJam & Earl is an early 1990s dungeon crawler. The game features two alien rappers, who have crash-landed on Earth and parodies 1980s urban culture. The game's design was heavily influenced by the role-playing video game Rogue, and took from it such features as the random generation of levels and items. Played from a 2D-top-down perspective the game contains both single-player and two-player cooperative modes. The latter displays a single screen when both characters are near each other, but splits it apart when they are not. Playing the game with two players reveals dialogue and jokes between the characters not heard in the single player game.

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A real great, and solid Genesis game. Has a lot of charm, love, and replay value. My only complaint about it, is that it lacks a save feature... This one could have really used one. Imagine The Legend of Zelda, on NES, with no save feature? That's sort of what this game basically is.

Vê gente reclamando e falando q n é intuitivo é uma surpresa pra mim, pq na infância eu gostava muito desse jogo e achava bem intuitivo kek

Aquele jogo famoso que não gostei muito, o mais legal é a trilha sonora, os gráficos são razoáveis e a jogabilidade não é muito legal e é também contra-intuitiva.

esse jogo é contra-intuitivo de todo jeito possivel e eu gosto

Has some funky aesthetics and ideas in a good way. Has some funky gameplay in a bad way.